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Have you ever wondered which street intersections in Santa Ana are the most dangerous ones? Well now we know, courtesy of the law firm of Aitken Aitken and Cohn. They recently conducted an in-depth study of Santa Ana’s intersections to identify those that are the most dangerous ones, based on crash volume and injury severity.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Santa Ana:

  1. Edinger Ave. at S. Orange Ave. – 30 crashes and 42 injuries
  2. E. First St. and Elk Lane – 33 crashes and 52 injuries
  3. W. First St. and Main St. – 31 crashes and 46 injuries
  4. W. First St. and S. Jackson St. – 30 crashes and 40 injuries
  5. Hazard and N. Euclid – 30 crashes and 44 injuries
  6. N. Tustin and E. Santa Clara – 24 crashes and 37 injuries
  7. W. MacArthur Blvd. and S. Plaza Dr. – 26 crashes and 45 injuries
  8. N. Standard and E. First St. – 28 crashes and 33 injuries
  9. Hazard and N. Newhope – 29 crashes and 35 injuries
  10. Civic Center Dr. E. and Main St. – 32 crashes and 46 injuries

Click here to read about the rest of the dangerous intersections in Santa Ana.

Hopefully the City of Santa Ana will use this information to improve road safety in our city.

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2 thoughts on “The most dangerous intersections in Santa Ana”
  1. I actually did click the link. Why assume that I didn’t ? You copy and paste everything but not this ?? This is clearly a “ study “ done by someone who doesn’t live here. Simple. If you know you know. Most likely you don’t move here either. You started your statement with “ sigh “. Are you 11 on TikTok ??

  2. i agree with anonymous… but keep in mind 50% of crime isn’t reported either… many crashes never reported in those intersections and only someone who lives in those neighborhoods could agree

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