Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Over the weekend, Garden Grove Police Department Motor Unit and patrol officers tackled the issue of street racing, in addition to their ongoing DUI enforcement efforts.

‪Saturday evening started with street racers congregating at City Park (Euclid St and Main St). Motor officers saturated the area, wrote numerous citations and impounded a vehicle. Later that night, they received information of another gathering of approximately 400 cars and 1000 people at the corner of Euclid St and Katella Ave.‬

‪GGPD officers maintained a position on the Garden Grove side to monitor and ensure the racers did not enter their city. Approximately 10-15 racers decided to cross into Garden Grove and began doing donuts in the parking lot area. GGPD officers assisted outside agencies with dispersing the crowd, then arrested one subject and impounded his vehicle.‬

On Sunday, officers were dispatched to the parking lot at the corner of Euclid St. and Westminster Ave. regarding a large gathering of street racers. They were able to disperse the crowd of over 500 cars and 1,500 people, and issued numerous citations.

In total, GGPD had two DUI arrests, multiple street racing arrests, six impounded vehicles, and over 80 citations for vehicle and alcohol violations.

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9 thoughts on “The Garden Grove police cracked down on street racers this weekend”
  1. Its about time the cops finally started doing something about the dangerous street racing & gatherings. Keep doing it so they learn something.
    They have the money for those muscle cars, now they can fork out some money to the city. Idiots!!!

    1. These are not street racers…. This called a Side show or Take Over. Street Racers do not attend these or endorse these activities. Both groups do not like each others.

      1. Look at it like this for all you that dont like ” sideshows / takeovers ” or ” street racing ” … atleast they are ” KILLING TIRES NOT EACHOTHER ” and yes this headline was a total gimmick

  2. They need to focus on all crime. These so-called police officers are racial profilers! The worst part is most of em’ are Hispanic or Latinos or better said SELL OUTS! Disgraceful!

    1. Wtf are you talking about?
      They do focus on “all crimes” and this is a crime. These street take over losers have no regard for public safety or public property.
      Those donuts are hell on pavement, our streets are shitty enough as they are we don’t need these people ruining them even more. If you want to have a fast cool car, go for it but stop ruining public property to show off.

    2. This is a typical response from a Latino spoiled child WHO LIVES ON WELFARE BUT HAS NEVER HELD A JOB but thinks everything should be free while your parents work there asses off to support you YOU SAY THESE COPS ARE SELL OUTS you couldn’t pass the space test YOU PUSSY BLM ANTIFA FAKE WEAKLING COWARD.

  3. First of all. These are not “Street Racers”. Period! Great title to sell a story and gather attention to a news story with no credit. Street Racers do not attend these local car meets or what they are really called “Side Shows”.or “Take Overs”. We do not endorse these or attend them. When has doing doughnuts considered racing? How do you race doing doughnut? Speeding down the street reckless driving is not racing.period.

    There has not been one accident in the street racing community in years. Cause one. It is organized. Never done in the city. Never in public during times were the public can see. Private were only people that need to be there are there. And there is no hanging out or loitering. In and out. And the cops know this and do not harass us.

    Do not label one group as all. Wrong and not right.

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