Sun. May 26th, 2024

Santa Ana ranked #82 out of 100 cities and was unfortunately given a low grade of C+ in a study by PetListed of the Best Cities for Dog Owners.

The study analyzed tens of thousands of data points looking at greenspace proximity, dog parks, walkability, and other metrics to create the list.

Santa Ana has no dog parks although one is being planned at Centennial Park.

Anaheim was ranked right behind Santa Ana at #83 while Irvine was ranked #63, Long Beach was #35 and San Francisco was #12.

St. Louis, MO was atop the list at #1 and Washington, D.C. was #2.

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One thought on “Santa Ana given a C+ grade for dog owners”
  1. They should remove the basketball courts at Madison Park and convert that area into a dog park. It would get rid of a lot of drug and homeless activity. It would also attract a ton of people to the park from the apartments who need more room to roam.

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