Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Santa Ana’s Interim City Manager Tom Hatch provided an update to the Santa Ana City Council and the community on March 5, 2024, about a proposed needle distribution program.

The Harm Reduction Institute (HRI) filed an application with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to provide needle distribution services in Santa Ana.

Needles found at the Santa Ana River Trail

In order for the application to move forward, CDPH must first have meaningful consultation with the Santa Ana Police Department and others. This issue is a top priority, and the City of Santa Ana is working diligently to demonstrate the negative impacts such needle distributions have had on the Santa Ana community in the past and will again, if approved.

If HRI’s application moves forward, CDPH will open a public comment period when residents and other members of the public may provide their opinions on the needle distribution. The City of Santa Ana will update the community when that happens and as any other news develops.

Until then, please visit to learn more about the needle distribution application, the history of needle programs and their impacts on Santa Ana, to see photos and videos, and more.

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