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Janet Nguyen endangers her child

UPDATED:  Ruh roh!

When I saw Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen motor through the Fiestas Patrias Parade this past Sunday, in Downtown Santa Ana, I was taken by her bleating “Viva Mexico” and missed something else that I should have caught.

Nguyen endanger her child and broke the law.  Look at the picture above – she was holding one of her boys in her lap, with no seat belt, no safety seat and with only one arm to secure the toddler.

Here is what the State of California has to say about this:

  • Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat.
  • Children under the age of 8 who are 4′ 9″ or taller may be secured by a safety belt in the back seat.
  • Children who are 8 years and over shall be properly secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint system or safety belt.
  • Passengers who are 16 years of age and over are subject to California’s Mandatory Seat Belt law.
  • Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash. Also, seat belts are the best defense against impaired, aggressive, and distracted drivers.

It is outrageous that an elected official would break the law, in the open air, at a public event, but that is precisely what Nguyen did.  She used her kid as a prop.  She did the same thing when he was a baby and she was holding him like a football at a Tet Parade (see the picture below).

Janet Nguyen carries her kid like a football at the Tet Parade

Shame on the Santa Ana Police Department for not pulling her over and writing her a ticket on the spot!

Nguyen is a candidate for the State Senate in 2014.  How can she ask for our votes when she openly breaks the law and endangers her own son?

Click here to see more pictures of Nguyen endangering her child at the Fiestas Patrias parade.

By Editor

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44 thoughts on “Supervisor Janet Nguyen endangered her child during the Fiestas Patrias Parade”
  1. Hahaha pulling over a car in a parade??? Hahaha I’m sure it’s not normally legal to ride a dancing horse down main street. Lol ah man, thanks for the laugh. I’m sure those laws don’t apply during a parade. What a joke and what a reach

    1. But imagine if someone had run in front of her car and her husband had braked suddenly? How would that have played out? She clearly broke the law and put her little boy in harm’s way. Shame on her!

      1. OMG, what if there was a terrorist and she needed to reach for her gun, what then?


  2. Seriously? You’re reaching, dude. It was a parade. I’m sure they weren’t driving any faster than 8 MPH. And if she should get a ticket, then so should every other person in that parade who sat up high in their parade car to wave who wasn’t wearing a seat belt (AKA everyone else in the parade), since it’s against the law to be in a moving car without a restraint for anyone of any age.

    Seems like the bigger issue here is that you have a personal vendetta against Janet Nguyen. Try not to lose your own credibility not-picking non-issues.

    1. There is no parade exemption in the law. It is one thing for adults to do this nut Janet endangered her own toddler. No one else did that.

      It reminds me of Michael Jackson dangling his kid off a balcony.

      1. Apparently the SAPD believe there is an exemption when the street is closed to public traffic and other vehicles. How embarrassing for you.

        1. Please feel free to copy that code and paste it in a comment. Even if that is true it doesn’t mean that Nguyen should be proud that she put her child at risk.

          1. VC Section 21101(e) Temporarily closing a portion of any street for celebrations, parades, local special events, and other purposes when, in the opinion of local authorities having jurisdiction or a public officer or employee that the local authority designates by resolution, the closing is necessary for the safety and protection of persons who are to use that portion of the street during the temporary closing.


          2. No one is debating the street closure. The issue is that Nguyen dangled her kid on her lap, on the back of a moving car, with only one arm as a restraint. And this irresponsible mom wants to be your next State Senator!

          3. When there is a street closure, it is no longer a public street for that time, and no seat belts or car seats are required per the law. It’s pretty embarrassing how you REFUSE to admit you are wrong even when common sense, the law, and preponderance of evidence say otherwise. It is perhaps your biggest fault and why you are always on the fringe.

          4. What I find embarrassing is how you Jannies cannot apparently cut and paste code proving your point. There is no code that says you can endanger a child as Janet did as if there was you would have provided that to our readers by now.

            Put up or shut up.

            May I remind you that when I broke the story that Janet’s husband and chief of staff were running a foul restaurant with a long record of health violations, that story broke nationally. While the OC Counsel let Janet get away with voting against letter grade health ratings it was hugely embarrassing and I am told that her husband was apparently fired from his job at the time. Ironically he was reportedly working in food safety for a very large commercial food company.

  3. Look for Greg Diamond’s headline:


    Any opportunistic chance to promote a liberal like Julio Perez who isn’t even running (but I heard he has eyes on Santa Ana city Hall, Monday night????).

    I would prefer Janet falling out

    1. LOL! Janet falling out would be a boon to the district. But taxpayers would get stuck with the cleanup bill and her hubbie would probably sue the City of Santa Ana.

  4. What a clown.
    And you have the nerve to call yourself “editor”.
    Seems you probably have another agenda at hand.
    You ought to be ticketed for not doing your job properly.

    1. How soon they forget. Remember this? On January 8, 2011, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others were shot during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Casas Adobes, Arizona, in the Tucson metropolitan area. The victims included a 7-year old girl.

      If someone had taken a shot at Nguyen her son would have paid the pride for her hubris.

      1. hahahahaha
        You “editor” and your type are what is wrong with this country
        Im bet your “pro” gun control too
        And they probably gave you a trophy as a kid just for participating too.

  5. The fuzz is always looking for ways to make money. They should totally start writing tickets for each and every person in a parade! Mostly politicians and other oppressors anyway. They can afford it and it would be good for them to be treated like the common folks their oppressive laws impact anyway. Plus the city would make bank. 50 or 60 tickets one right after the other.

  6. no entiendo como quiere ser senadora si nos pone el mal ejempplo en nuesra comunidad no sigue las reglas de la policia y la seguridad de los ninos que mal ejemplo ojala nuestros votantes vieran eso pongan mucha atencion como se desarrollan las personas que corren para nustros cargos politicos en verdad esta muy mal esta senora y aemas haciendo politica propaganda en el desfile y nos dieron reglas que eso no se puede a ver que hace nuestra city por eso ongan mas atencion

    1. If it does then why don’t you cut and paste that in a comment? Do YOUR homework. I already did mine and the OC Weekly picked it up too. Mission accomplished.

    1. The Mayor had his kids inside a stagecoach. Janet was the only politician at the parade who chose to endanger a child. No one else used their kid as a dangling prop.

      Libertarians don’t endanger their kids. But Janet does.

  7. Hey if you don’t like her I respect you for it. Its a PARADE!!!!! And have you ever heard about the “spirit of the law” and having discretion and common sense. If SAPD had stopped her that officer would have been in deep trouble. Police stops lots of people every day and do not write tickets to all of them. Instead lets do 30 day impounds like we used to in S.A. No license, you car got impounded for 30 days. Now, thanks to our “sanctuary” council and some people in police management you have to give them 20 mins to call someone who is license. NOW that is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. And maybe we should cite all those people who drive/ride antique cars (from the early 1900’s) that don’t have seat belts….And the adult and kids that ride in floats made up on top of flatbed trucks…and then we can deport all the illegal aliens watching the parade……PLEASE!!!!

  9. Did you miss that there appears to be some kind of a sticker on the windshield?! What if a sudden gust of wind blew those balloons into the view of the driver?!! Why does the driver not have both hands on the wheel?!!! Do those tires look properly inflated?!!!!

    1. That driver is Janet’s husband, Tom Bonikowski. It is worth noting that when he owned the Lee’s Sandwiches in Stanton it had one of the worst food safety records in Orange County. I suppose it makes sense that he would endanger his own child when he clearly didn’t give a damn about public safety either.

  10. My “new” favorite part of the story is that your nemeses and “Jannie’s” on another website are picking this and Cokers posts apart. Here’s the funny part: If this was Stephen Choi, they’d have pictures from space condemning him.

    It appears, like Lomeli and Tardif (AKA Junior, Skalleywag, Semus etc..) just can’t stay away from you. These guys are infatuated with you and EVERYTHING you post. I bet the Orvine guy has a Google tracker assigned. Sucha sad life. He should concentrate on his family and his own life……If he had one.

      1. This is why our country is going down the drain. We are becoming a sissy state. Are we no longer allowed to do anything risky at all? Also, two key points: nothing happened and it is not your kid!

        1. Protecting kids doesn’t make one a sissy. And if her kid had gotten hurt you know she would have sued the city, costing taxpayers a small fortune.

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