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On August 1, 2020, at 10:26 PM, FVPD Officers responded to the intersection of Brookhurst and Talbert regarding a car club intersection “take-over.”

Upon Officers arriving on scene, at least one subject in the crowd hurled an unknown object at the Officer’s Police car, causing a large crack to the front windshield.

Police car damaged by street racers

Upon the arrival of additional Officers, hundreds of subjects began fleeing the area in all directions. Two of these subjects fled in in their vehicle in a reckless manner and Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop. This vehicle continued for nearly 1 mile before eventually yielding.

Khan Le

The driver, Andrew Phan, an 18-year-old resident of Westminster, was arrested for VC 23109(a)-speed contest and VC 2800.1(a)-evading a Peace Officer. The passenger, Khanh Le, a 19-year-old resident of Fountain Valley, was arrested for VC 23109(c)-aid/abet a speed contest. Phan’s modified vehicle was impounded for 30 days. (DR# 20-24674).

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17 thoughts on “Street racers arrested in Fountain Valley”
  1. Great result. About time our serve and protect officers control and eliminate these dangerous hooligans who disrupt our otherwise peaceful neighborhoods.
    Surely there were others also who should have been ticketed?

    1. The police are doing their very best. It sounds like you live in one of these white bread neighborhoods and you think nothing should or could upset your little private bubble of existence. You seem to know very little about the realities of law enforcement. The police could be more effective, if it were not for all the “political correctness” which seens to have taken over. In case you wonder? …. I am a black, retired citizen …. living right here in “an upscale area of Orange County”.

      1. Yes political correctness, I think street racing is a little more important than having 4 patrol cars tied up harassing homeless people. Perhaps one could handle it and the other 3 could be doing something important.

  2. Finally .
    Someone does something.
    For the past years, no officer did anything until now.
    Congratulations .

  3. And what about the now nightly sounds of cars doing donuts in the not distant enough distance. It seems to start just after sunset and continues for what seems like an hour. The noise produced by the cars tires mixed with their upgraded racing exhaust, in my guess, can be heard from 2+ miles away. Yet somehow the police are not called by a single resident who’s close enough to witness it. The last few days I’ve noticed it in the afternoon also. I can’t believe that these people are able to come and take over the street or parking lot where this is happening night after night and now day and not a single resident calling the police to stop it.

    1. Not a single resident? Apparently you can hear it…have you called the police, any of the last few days?

  4. We hear their terrible loud cars all night. So glad SOME of them have been caught. Good job guys

  5. Only 2 out of hundreds were caught? Shame on FVPD for letting this get so out of control.

  6. yah the other night at the old ralphs on adams there were about a 100 cars i could hear them leaving when the cops came

  7. Oh god! Who gives a damn?! The girl was just along for the ride why she go to jail?! Forcing him to go fast?! What a joke! Meanwhile, in case all you yuppies didnt notice, the world is, as usual, upside down again and arressting wannabe bad asses dont help or fail anything except for maybe his chance of getting laid! Ha sucjs cuz shes kinda pretty too, huh? Poor thing… anyways, ya cops are weak. And so are these yuppie babies who call upon them when they dont like what they see in “their” streets. Pathetic really. Ever heard of minding your own business and defending your own home and fwmily?! Guess thats only true back home, fown south…lame.. .:(

    1. I give a damm, don’t want to be hit and killed by some a.. hole who wants to show off. Good job FVPD

  8. police are wasting their time with this. it’ll never stop. the few “hooligans” who speed through residential streets, sure, shame on them. you forget that we live in SoCal. move out to the sticks if you don’t want to listen to people be who they are

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