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This year’s General Election is coming up very quickly, on Nov. 4.  Time is running out for Santa Ana Mayoral challenger Roman Reyna, who has been under fire for weeks over a picture that emerged on Facebook depicting Reyna with two of his “homies” who were identified by the Santa Ana Police as dangerous members of a criminal enterprise.

It is by now a forgone conclusion that Reyna is going to lose and lose big – unless his bizarre coalition of gang bangers and high density apartment developers can somehow steal the election.

The question now is when should those who want to restore order at Santa Ana’s City Hall start planning to recall Reyna from the City Council?  And is former Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez eligible to return to Reyna’s Ward 5? 

Claudia Alvarez in action

Alvarez might be Reyna’s worst nightmare.  She destroyed him by a 2-1 margin when he challenged her in the 2004 election.  She ended up with over 26,000 votes while Reyna only garnered 10,720 votes, according to Smart Voter.

As a respected Deputy District Attorney, Alvarez would be in a great position to hammer Reyna on his gang connections.  He would have nowhere to hide.  She can also speak to the importance of education, as a current Trustee on the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education.

Santa Ana’s voters have previously recalled a bad politician – Nativo Lopez, who once ruled over the SAUSD School Board.

Reyna had a chance to dig himself out of the hole he finds himself in but he blew off the Santa Ana Police Officers Association.  They now want him to step down from the Council altogether – and he most certainly should withdraw from the Council’s Public Safety Committee.

We will find out just how toxic Reyna is now on Nov. 4, where there is a good chance that he will drag down Councilwoman Michele Martinez and Councilman David Benavides.

I would imagine that if Pulido beats Reyna by at least 25% the recall papers will be served on Reyna in December.

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14 thoughts on “Should we recall Reyna and bring Alvarez back to the City Council?”
  1. F.Y.I. Editor, Claudia has already made it perfectly clear to groups around town that she is going to be taking out Pretty Boy Pulido in 2016.
    She is not concerned about the fall of Roman.

    1. That’s ridiculous. She is mid-term now but instead of running she endorsed Pulido. Now if he moved on after this term that would make more sense. But taking out Reyna would give her a great platform to run on in 2016. And I know she despises Reyna.

  2. I dont see an anti-semetic who has never been promoted in the DA’s office being that serious of a threat. She was barely elected to RSCCD. Folks will rally around Roman b/c shes that bad

      1. Dear editor,

        Benjamin Franklin our founding father, and coauthor and cosigner of the Declaration of Independence. One thing he was not was a high school graduate. In Albert Einstein case he returned to high school, got his diploma, and then passed the university’s entrance exam on his second attempt. So in a nutshell yes education is best but does not show you ones efforts for success.

        1. Franklin was by all accounts a genius as was Einstein. Reyna is a lot of things but even his own friends and supporters would admit that he is far from a genius.

          What exactly does he have to show for his life’s effort? He is a part time politician who can’t seem to find a real job.

        2. Really? Einstein, Ben Franklin and…Roman Reyna?
          That’s golden! Roman doesn’t even have command of basic English.

          In Roman’s words (and I paraphrase:

          “We ain’t got no need for some homie who don’t no how to talk”

  3. She is not “anti-semetic”.
    I don’t think she has anything against the Semitic Palestinians
    Heck, like most of us, she doesn’t even have much prejudice against American Jews.
    She doesn’t like Hitler.
    Or people acting Hitler like.
    Is that so wrong?

  4. I want to vote for a community leader who is out there IN THE COMMUNITY!! im not impressed by some politicians in their suits having a fancy dinner or doing lunch with behind close doors in some nice restraunt. Come out and buy a taco from the local Taqueria or lunch truck in the city, and im not just talking about downtown 4th st. Come into the community that you candidates are running for. Come into the community!! Im voting for Roman Reyna.

    Im not going to say nothing bad about Pulido, But where ya at !! Im 40yrs of age and I have never seen him in the community. Never. I see you on channel 3, the local channel. Thats it. I welcome the change, I think Mayor Pulido is too chummy with Santa Ana Police Dept. Im glad that they ousted Paul Walters too. Ooops, I think I got carried away with the comments. Im just so frustrated with these politicians that dont go out into the community. They just do a cameo appearance here and there for the local newspapers. Fire them all.


    1. Being chummy with the police is fine. Being chummy with gang bangers? That has ended Reyna’s campaign and quite possibly his political career.

  5. It was the SAPD that identified Reyna’s pals as members of a “criminal enterprise.”

    Tell me why is it that Reyna’s Facebook page says he “studied” at Santa Ana High School? Shouldn’t it say he graduated?

    And why is it that his city bio omits any mention of his education? It is quite typical for politicians to include in their bio the facts about what schools they graduated from and what degrees they earned.

    My sources tell me that Reyna dropped out of school in the tenth grade.

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