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City of Santa Ana Community Alert: SHOP WITH A COP Wednesday December 5, 2012

SHOP WITH A COP, Wed, December 5, 2012. All officers & participants have been advised to arrive at 3pm. Shopping begins promptly at 3:30 pm.

LOCATION: Target Store: 1330 E 17th (Grand & 17th)

Overview: Officer will receive a gift card for $60, a clipboard with referral form with information on the student shopper.

A special gift is for the student shopper and the remaining funds can be divided to the listed family members on the referral form. They will have a Target store employee to help guide them throughout the store to locate the items that the student would like to purchase for their family members. A list of low cost gift suggestions to help guide the student to stay on budget will be provided.

NOTE: some of the larger families were  split. (Two children allowed from one household) After shopping is completed, the student shopper will reunite with a parent and they will be taken to the After Shopping Christmas Party at the Southwest Senior Center 2201 W McFadden Ave.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Hours: 5pm to 6pm. Food and Drinks will be provided. Santa Claus and helpers will pass out gifts.

Entertainment: Ofc. John Reed & puppet friends will meet and greet.


For full details, view this message on the web.

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2 thoughts on “Shop with a cop set for today at 5:30 pm at the Target on Grand and 17th”
  1. Art, Do they have a program like this for business owners in Santa Ana who unlike the S.A. Cops, can’t retire at age 50 making nearly $200,000 a year? I love that the kids get free stuff but nearly all Santa Ana students in SAUSD qualify for two free meals a day year round. I know more than a few S.A. business ownwers who will not be making any Target shopping trips this Christmas and would love to “Shop with a Cop”.

    Have you hears any more about the proposed “Public Safety Tax” which is gooing to be proposed by the City Council?

  2. I remember when I donated a 1,000 of r/c cars to under previllage kids for Gloria Perez and the city Santa Ana but they didn’t appreciate it…….

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