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Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: SAPD Detectives seize approximately $5.7 million dollars worth of marijuana in service of a search warrant

Location: 401 N. Sullivan

Subject: Indoor Marijuana Grow

On 12/09/15, members of the Santa Ana Police Department’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Task Force (MMDTF) served a search warrant in Santa Ana at a suspected illegal marijuana cultivation site at 401 N. Sullivan Street. The location is a large, warehouse-type building in an industrial area. The illegal activity was identified after the task force received tips from concerned citizens.


Upon service of the warrant, the task force found that the building housed a large, highly sophisticated illegal marijuana grow. The detectives did not locate anybody inside the building.

The MMDTF seized approximately 2,400 plants (338 lbs.) in various stages of growth during the search warrant. The potential street value of evidence seized at the location is conservatively estimated to be more than $5.7 million dollars. Several serious building code violations were also noted. As a result, the building was “red-tagged” and boarded up by City Code Enforcement officials. Although no arrests have yet been made, the investigation continues.

###Santa Ana Marijuana house

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