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Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters

City of Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County Advisory: City Manager Submits Resignation

SANTA ANA, CA (January 31, 2013) – The Santa Ana City Council has agreed to accept the resignation of its City Manager, effective Friday, February 1, 2013. Pending finalization of an agreement to that effect, Mr. Paul Walters will continue to serve the City as a Law Enforcement Liaison, functioning in the role of a Police Commissioner with the specific duties to be determined by the City’s Police Chief and City Manager.

“Mr. Walters has served this City very well for many, many years” said Mayor Miguel Pulido, “and we are particularly appreciative of his leadership to the City and community during his tenure as City Manager. Mr. Walters worked closely with the City Council in handling some difficult financial issues and we are grateful for his service.

“Selection of a permanent City Manager will be a top priority of the Council in the near future,” added Mayor Pulido, “as our prime objective will be to continue our leadership in developing goals and strategies for the Council and the staff to accomplish together. The Council appreciates the hard work of all of its employees, and is confident that together we will continue to make the best interests of the City our top priority.”


For full details, view this message on the web.

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11 thoughts on “Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters submits his resignation”
  1. Sounds like the Gang of 6 Councilmembers got what they wanted and Mayor Pulido is going along with them. This well be seen in years to come as the beginning of the end in Santa Ana.

    Too bad Paul didn’t go out with the same amount of fight as the hundreds of people who spent two nights of their lives at Council meetings on his behalf.

    1. You have no idea how Walters fought. You are right about one thing, this is the beginning of the end for Santa Ana.

    2. Paul did fight but Michele Martinez threatened to come after his beloved police department, according to my sources. He did not want to see it ruined – and to see that happen at the hands of a former drug dealer would have been even worse.

      Walters will find new opportunities to serve the public – but Martinez and her fellow Gang of Six appear Hell bent on destroying our city…

  2. I didn’t realize Martinez was a drug dealer. Does anyone ever really leave that profession? There are only two ways to make that kind of money and I don’t think she has the figure to make it the 2nd way!

  3. I saw the first RECALL MICHELLE poster today exiting the I5 at Main Street.

    It was crudely produced, but very effective. Hopefully more of these renegade banners will pop up.

  4. Have you read the bs quotes she throws up onto her Facebook page? She tries to make her audience think she is full of wisdom while she paints a pretty picture of life with promises of unicorns, rainbows and candy. What a crock of crap. Welcome to Santa Ana, a sanctuary city.

  5. Michele’s FACEBOOK page reads like that of a divorced mother of three (as oppossed to a teenager, which it was when she Friend Requested ME last June!).

    She now plugs in quotes from her phone. Mind you these are ALL things other people have said.

    She is weird. From the pictures of food she eats, to her exercise routine, to these quasi religious/intellectual quotes…..She is just like Roman – an uneducated, poor-spoken follower, who finds herself in a place of power but never had the parenting or upbringing or the fortitude to understand, to put in academic terms for Michele:

    “With great power comes great responsibility”

  6. The trouble is (and this is scary for Benavide’s, Tinajero and Sarimento is she is a wildcard. She appears mentally unstable (is certainly mentally uncapable)and is being propped up by business owners downtown who wish to futher take advantage of her weak soul:

    This is how it happened:


    JD: “I vote for the dope chick, she’s young dumb and full of (Rymes with Rum)”

    Greyhound Mom: ” NO Way. we’ve had enogh of these beaners for years. NO WAY.”

    Greyhound Dad: “Jule’s take it easy….remember that young MEXICAN boy we had help us, he was good with the honey, and he had a right touch, I know I LIKED IT!”

    Raquel: “Hey, did you guys see my nails, I f”ound a great stylist in Orange, Marcos……”

    Bad Dentist: “Honey, Shut up, were trying to install a puppet here”.

    Raquel: “Papi, I love puppets, remember when we pretended your’s was bigger and……”

    La Eme: “Look, we need somebody who we can control, someone who will sell Crack on Townsend and Crack in a First Street Motel, WE NEED A …..”

    That’s how you end up with a drug dealing gang chick on council.

    So the question is when SaCRED’s gangsta sellout
    discovered she’s been used an thrown away like a trucktop hooker on crack, where will she turn?

    Hopefully to the US ATTORNEY or FBI!

  7. art lomeli


    Are people going to speak on this Third World form of government?

    Third World because of examples of…..coercion in the Yanez case, mention at the liberal blog and authoritative government in the case of Dickman.

    We live in a Democracy. We should not support, condone or participate in this form of government.

    We have the solution. Vote out those that oppose the will of the City’s residents.

    Those that do not exercise their vote have no right to complain. Those that vote for Pulido need to wake up. The city’s quality of life is reduced by Pulidos divisive third world politics, in use, for economic and political manipulation.

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