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Sonia Rubio Carvalho

Santa Ana City Attorney Sonia R. Carvalho has apparently had enough of the amateurs on the Santa Ana City Council and she is allegedly planning to resign – if the Council fires City Manager Paul Walters, according to my sources at City Hall. 

Carvalho, a partner in the Municipal Law practice group of Best Best & Krieger LLP, currently serves as the city attorney for the City of Claremont as well.  She previously served as city attorney of Azusa (1998-2012), Colton (1998-2001) and Yorba Linda (2001-2010). Ms. Carvalho is also the co-chair of her law firm’s Public Policy and Ethics sub-practice group.

Reportedly Carvalho has had to put in way too many hours, including working over the Christmas holiday, because of the troublemaking trio of Council Members David Benavides, Michele Martinez and Roman Reyna.  The final straw was when they put her on the agenda of the closed door Council meeeting they had during Christmas week, as they decided to review both her work and that of City Manager Walters.

Look at her credentials and tell me that this crazed Council majority is going to be able to find someone even remotely as qualified and experienced as Carvalho is.  Yeah right!

It is ironic that the City of Santa Ana’s City Attorney web page does not mention Carvalho at all.  How prescient. Or maybe they have been taking her for granted all along?

And you have to wonder how the heck the Benavides cabal is going to pay Walters’ severance and cash-out benefits if they do fire him?  He is under contract!  Did these brainiacs even read his contract?

Sources tell me that even Benavides has admitted that the Council majority’s attack on Walters is their way of punishing the popular Mayor, Miguel Pulido, who soundly thrashed Benavides in the November election, two years after Pulido destroyed his last challenger, Alfredo Amezcua.

Carvalho reportedly did stellar work salvaging the ridiculous Sunshine Act, which was supported by the Benavides cartel.  They quickly violated its spirit by holding their closed door, last minute Council meeting during Christmas week, when they knew that new Council Member Angelica Amezcua was out of town, on a family vacation.  And she got a lot more votes on Nov. 6 than Benavides did!

The word on the street is that Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero and Council Member Vince Sarmiento have about had it with Benavides and his petulant Council gang, and this just might be the end of the current Council majority.  We can only hope…

By the way, how is the Benavides bunch going to refund the millions in water fees to residents since Martinez got on her soapbox and cost the City a small fortune?  Do these nuts ever think before they act?  How long can Sarmiento and Tinajero put up with them?

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31 thoughts on “Santa Ana City Attorney to resign if the Council fires Walters?”
  1. “The word on the street is that Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero and Council Member Vince Sarmiento have about had it with Benavides and his petulant Council gang, and this just might be the end of the current Council majority.”……… Hmmmmmmm

    On what street are you getting “the word” from?

    According to Tinajero’s own words it was he who spearheaded the of December 27, 2012 special meeting.

    1. What you don’t know is that Sal was running interference. The Benavides junta wanted to fire Walters much sooner. That meeting was Sal’s way of delaying things.

      Personally I wish he would tell them all to take a hike. But that day me not be too far off…

      1. “The Benavides junta wanted to fire Walters much sooner”………. Hmmmmm

        Well they couldn’t do it without Sal so why delaying anything.

        Your propaganda doesn’t mash and Sal is full of it as usually.

  2. it don’t matter none. Cuz we down wit da sh%t: me, David and chica Michelle (“snatchtrap”) gonna kick AZZ on da peep’s.

    we gonna get a new Maxima with som 15 inch BLACKROCKS!

    dat bi&%h don’t know notin about us cause we be voted bi da peeple!

    Snatchtrap sez she have a lawyer who helped her homies bust out on a meth sting (OH YEAH!). I SEW Da bus bench ad for 1800-attorney. we save da city cake!


      1. Yep I do remember another, where 1 member was convicted and another pleaded guilty to corruption and with another who was a candidate for council also pleading guilty.

  3. I have seen Pulido on TV31 recently and he is total moron mongoloid re 2nd.

    He still believe that the 2nd is about the hunting rights.

    Only uneducated, affirmative action Mexican Pulido who can’t read the history can believe that crapola.

  4. “That’s pretty much the Democratic Party’s position”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    So, if you join democratic party you become brainless android?

    No surprise that Benavides, also democrats but not android, wants androids out.

  5. “I’m sure he wants to take your guns too…”……. Hmmmmmmm

    I do not have any guns, I never had any guns, I do not believe in the guns, even as CSSR air force officer, only the one issued to me for 24H duty.

    However, I am the American and I believe in 2nd and will support it against left-liberal-Pulido-like-androids.

  6. Word on the street is that the PBID has been found to be LEGIT! Ha! Press release today! Totally legally established all the way down to the voting! Hey Sonja-thank you!

    1. Wow. With all the talk about political corruption and backroom deals in Santa Ana, I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that the City Attorney found the PBID establishment “legal.”

      Stop your gloating, Sundayfunny, and stop posting while on the job at the DTI offices. If you would have waited another 15 minutes, your post would not have been billed to the taxpayers.

      Show some class. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. You work for Downtown Stink.

      The Grand Jury was right. And perhaps Carvalho should resign regardless of the Walters situation for this epic blunder.

      1. I’m in no DTI office. Looking out my windows from home. I’m self employed. Nice try. Oh, GLOAT, GLOAT, GLOAT! Ha ha! You idiot.

      2. The good news is that the PBID is staying dead. What we might get instead is a BID with a fee on new business licenses. Downtown Inc. will have a lot less money to play with…

          1. The Council missed the County deadline so yes the PBID is dead. And the Register is reporting the same thing I did. We’ll end up with a BID. And DTI will have to cut way back…

        1. What is the difference between the PBID and a BID?

          The PBID, the property owners need to use some of the rent they collect to pay the tax that keeps the area clean.

          A BID, the small businesses pay not only the rents, but also the property owner’s upkeep costs too in the BID tax.

          There was a BID before and two Latino groups fought over the spending, it got so bad the city took control and created the PBID to solve the problem. (Like the 4th of July activities)

          This is my observation and may not be entirely correct.

  7. Some attorney’s exercise thier right to refuse clients.

    That is clearly thier perogitive. However, should this rumor be true, it speaks volumes about the credibility of the “Santa Ana Spring”.

    While distasteful at times, the job is a CASH COW for the firm, the individual and it’s marketing value is tremendous (Law Firms are like clothing stores they sell a product. In this case legal advise). So to think that they would remove themselves tells any educated person that there is something amiss.

    Like Cook said, there is no shortage of history of poor representation in the city. That doesn’t mean we (Santa Ana residents) need to remain idle. Election to an office DOES NOT give someone carte Blanche as some indicate. It simply permits them to present their ideas.

    This should be interesting.

    I suspect the “SPRINGERS” are like a dog that barks loud: a nusensice but generally harmless.

  8. Everything Carpetbagger says is true. She/Her Firm won’t give up this gig UNLESS she/they feel some or all of them will end up in jail. The firm does not want to have Councilmembers go to jail or the city go B.K. while they are in charge of legal issues. If she resigns look for the Feds to step in and send a few of them to Club Fed.

  9. “Word on the street is that the PBID has been found to be LEGIT! Ha! Press release today!”

    Look for Daviiiiiiid Benavides and Anaheim Councilman Jordan Brandman to be leading the victory Conga line at the Velvet Lounge on Friday night.

  10. The PBID is SANTA ANA.

    The losers who troll downtown don’t have NEARLY the education, my little princess’ do.


    these filthy imigrants are a detriment to growth.

    If they need dentalwork they should contact Cal-Optima so dental offices can offer services: FREE TO YOU.

    But, how do you think we got the Horse Property in Orange???? It wasn’nt because of good denistry!

    I need to go Sophie needs a carrot!

    1. Hey Orange Park Acres,

      Before you ride the high horse about the education level of “filthy imigrants,” you should check your spelling. You don’t have NEARLY the education to do a basic spell-check.

  11. Hey Orange Park Acres,

    What’s wrong with making Santa Ana the ethnic playground of rich Mexican Americans from throughout the O.C. who want to discover their roots while making a few pesos off the poor Latino slobs who are forced to live in barrio Santa Ana? Somebody has to live in Orange Park Acres and Newport Beach!
    Santa Ana is a wonderful city with much better schools than they can find South of the Border. They should be glad they can find a Chicano Dentist willing to treat them. See you at the next Relampagos del Cielo, The Wooden Floor, or Latino Health Access fundraiser.
    P.S. Hey all you Paisanos… if you can’t pay me today I’ll let you pay by the month….(with interest:)

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