Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023
David Benavides at the 2013 Fiestas Patrias Parade
David Benavides at the 2013 Fiestas Patrias Parade

We recently reported on a story that has been rippling through Downtown Santa Ana.  The City of Santa Ana’s contract with their Fiestas Patrias and Cinco de Mayor entertainment manager, MXLive is ending this year. Our post about this that apparently offended MXLive and Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides.

We received separate letters from the attorney for MX Live and from Councilman David Benavides this Friday, curiously within hours of each other, via email.

The attorney for MX Live is “respectfully demanding”  that, pursuant to California Civil Code section 48a.3, we retract and correct on our blog these statements: (i) MX Live has bribed David Benavides or any other elected official in any amount; and (ii) MX Live is not paying its taxes.

We never said that Benavides bribed anyone or that MX Live did not pay their taxes.  We said that there were allegations of such activity and our readers piled on with comments supporting this. However, in the interest of putting this issue aside we have deleted the post in question and the comments and we are writing this post so as to make it clear that we are “retracting and correcting” the above.

As one might expect, Benavides has a few demands as well. He would like for us to retract the following statements:

  • “There are unsubstantiated rumors that MXLive pays Councilmember Benavides $20,000 cash after each event”
  • “Benavides allegedly acts as MXLive’s agent by seeking sponsors.”

We also stated that “Benavides…tried to sell their Santora Arts building to his Church – a move that might have made him thousands of dollars in commissions as he is a Realtor.” Benavides says that he was never a party to the potential sales transaction involving the Santora building.  He also says that “I did not bring parties together, had no involvement whatsoever in the sale and would not have made a dime had the sale gone through.”

We would as such like to retract the above statements as well, although they were clearly written as conjecture and opinion (that is why we used words like “allegedly,” “unsubstantiated,” and “might have”).

Furthermore, Benavides is demanding that we also must acknowledge that:  “(i) l have never accepted or received any funds in connection with the MXLive agreement with the City; (ii) l have never acted as an agent of MXLive and; (iii) l had no financial interest whatsoever in the potential sale of the Santora Building. These retractions must be published no later than two weeks from the date of this letter.”

OK.  We hereby acknowledge the above statements by Benavides.

By Editor

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11 thoughts on “Regarding David Benavides and MXLive”
  1. I hate lawyers, Attorneys et all.
    Except for CM Sarmiento.
    He owns a nice hip Gente – fication Bar in Downtown.
    As far as Benavides is concerned, does he make any sense?
    Is he not what people and blogs are claiming that he is?
    I like the dude in personal conversations but he is a politician.
    He worked for U.S. Bank! Selling rotten mortgages to the masses to enrich the financial elite!
    If he has something better on his resume, let him share it.
    There is nothing stopping him from sharing it to the peeps of Santa Ana.
    He is actually no better or worse than Mayor Pulido and all the others. But he likes to hide behind attorney statements instead of the people of Santa Ana. F*ck Politicians!

  2. Maybe it offended Benavides because his cover was blown?
    He serves as the Fall Guy for the City Management when they need a controversy to change city policy/contracts.
    I wish he would step up and stop acting used by management.
    Stop being a tool for Whitey, B Boy! Just because you need the extra income. .

  3. It is most certainly curious that Benavides sends a letter within hours of MXLIVE. It is impossible to believe there is no collusion.

    As a watcher of City Hall and Benavides, it should be noted that he NEVER objected to allegations/rumors and chatter about his marriage. But, he jumps on this potentially politically explosive subject.

    Cleary you and the commenters here struck a chord. Exposing MXLIVE having NO employees and losing money four years in a row is enough to have any responsible City Leader look in to this.

    But, I have one question for Councilmember Benavides: “What is YOUR relationship with MXLIVE”

  4. Hey Pablo (David),,

    I was interested in listing my house. But since your Real Estate firm’s website has been taken down and no onne answers the phone number, should I just contact you through your “Councilman David Benavides” FB Page?

    That seems a little weird, using your councilmember page to hustle listings????

  5. If what you put is true, why are you surrenduring Art? Surely Mike Gonzalez or Miguel Pulido would help pay for an attorney to help you fight these trumped up charges?

  6. Fred,

    good to see you engaged again. What happened at the VOC and LOC? were you banned there like Hank Gattis and Art Lomeli?

    I always admired your colorful and straight forward commentary. I wish the VOC would do a better job of monitoring comments, they let Subcomadante and El Merro Merro (Robert Oliver) run free but squash any dissention. I guess it got too hot for the Azmezcua?Benavides team when they started throwing aroud homophobic and racist slurs.

    Support free speech FRED!

    BTW – Did you change your name? it used to be FredEX (no space)

  7. Admin,

    Perhaps this whole exercise from Benavides is simply a diversion.

    It appears he has CLOSED the door on his failed brokerage CIVCO Real Estate Group. It could be that bad deals cost the company it’s license.

    Both P. David’ Benavides public city profile, his Facebook page and website have removed any mention of the defunct enterprise. In addition his “partner” Christine Villegas has updated her LinkedIn page to reflect she is now a “Program Officer, Local Initiative Support Coalition”,

    My inquires to the State board of Realtors and the BBB have not yet been answered, but I suspect there will be complaints. You don’t shut down a brokerage that fast unless…….



    We are somehow supposed to believe that this guy is Santa Ana’s future????

    Why don’t you shoot back at this guy with the obvious TRUTHS. Of course P. David (a guy that’s too vain to use his given name) has Adam Elmerhek on his side and the Santoro Bldg. mafia. but, the reality is PDB can’t deliver on his promises.

    One has to wonder if the “Art Lomeli’s” of the world are simply whores, selling out for “their guy” or if Art, Raquel, Alfredo and company are really so desperate that their best hope is a failed real estate agent.

    Norms needs a line cook David. Get to work and support your family.

  8. “The Santoro Building mafia”
    a)Are you referring to The Voice of O.C.
    b)The United Artists of Santa Ana
    c)Santora Partners L.L.C.
    d)Occupy Santa Ana
    e)The Liberal OC drunks at Memphis
    f) Theo Hirsch Open Mic Circuit. ????
    Damn, the police must be paid to look the other way.

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