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Family Law Attorneys in Orange County, California, Farzad & Mazarei, Launch a Pro Bono and Limited Means Department for Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of serious domestic violence without the funds to retain an attorney now have hope for help, for themselves and their children

Farzad & Mazarei, family law attorneys in Orange County, California, will formally launch on Thursday, November 15, 2012 a pro bono and limited means department for victims of serious domestic violence, with the focus on obtaining restraining orders against the perpetrators of abuse.

“For many years, we have represented domestic violence victims and helped them obtain restraining orders and financial support against their abusers,” attorney B. Robert Farzad states. “Commencing November 15, our law firm will formally launch a pro bono and limited means department. The focus will be to help those victims that need legal representation to obtain restraining orders and financial support against their abusers and who otherwise could not afford such representation.”

What has caused the law firm to start this separate department within the firm? Mr. Farzad recently saw an abuse victim in Orange County Family Court struggle to present her case, while the abuser and the abuser’s lawyer threw up legal challenges.

“It upset me. This was a clear case of domestic violence and the children were in danger,” Mr. Farzad explains. “The abuser had a lawyer. The victim did not. It wasn’t a close case. The abuser had already been criminally convicted and the abuse was very serious and violent. She wanted to protect the children but struggled to present the facts and didn’t know the law. She was terrified and it showed.”

Farzad & Mazarei has represented domestic violence victims in the past on a pro bono or limited means basis but the Orange County law firm wanted to dedicate a renewed focus to helping abuse victims.

“We are experienced and effective divorce and family law lawyers. We are result oriented and our client testimonials throughout the pages of our website speak to that. Actual victims of serious domestic violence who normally would never be able to afford attorneys like us now can. There is a sense of right and goodness in that. We are proud to help these victims who struggle to help themselves.”

How will the firm decide which cases to take? Mr. Farzad explains the law firm’s approach. “We will have several levels of help that we can provide. The first is assistance with the domestic violence prevention paperwork. The second is limited scope representation with filing documents and appearance at the restraining order hearing. The third, for those who have children who are in serious danger, will include representation for custody hearings.”

The number of cases Farzad & Mazarei will take each month will depend on various factors. “We have a plan that will focus our pro bono and limited means department on the most serious cases. That will likely vary from month to month. I wish we could take on everyone who calls but our efforts have to be on those that are at the most serious risk and need the most urgent help.”

Farzad & Mazarei is aware that the holidays can present difficult challenges to domestic violence victims. “Few things disrupt peace and security more than violence and fear of violence. The holidays are a time that victims may struggle to break free of their abusers, hoping for change and trying to maintain peace in the face of abuse. Victims of domestic violence may be hesitant to seek assistance. For those who want a way out and need protection, we hope to help,” Mr. Farzad affirms.

About the Law Firm: Farzad & Mazarei are family law attorneys in Orange County, California. The law firm consists of divorce and family law lawyers, B. Robert Farzad, Tawny Mazarei and Matthew J. Sundly. The law firm’s office is centrally located in Santa Ana, California.

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  1. Fantastic! After having worked on U-Visa and VAWA applications all semester I truly see the need for more pro bono work geared toward this population. I have posted this story on FB to help spread the word.

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