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OCDA Todd Spitzer was forced to rehire an employee, Damon Tucker, he had fired after arbitration ruling concluded that Spitzer and his advisers, Shawn Nelson and Paul Walters, decided to fire Tucker during in an “impromptu” meeting outside of the regular procedures of termination, according to the O.C. Register.

Tucker was a former supervising investigator who had accused Spitzer of “pay-to-play” schemes.

That is not the only legal problem Spitzer is having. Former OCDA Homicide DA Matt Murphy has filed three lawsuits related to former OCDA executive Gary LoGalbo who allegedly harassed several female subordinates and made racially discriminatory comments.

Spitzer apparently embarked on a campaign of retaliation against an employee who blew the whistle on his “best” friend LoGalbo, according to the Voice of OC.

Ironically Spitzer is now claiming that his political opponent, Pete Hardin, is a sexual predator although Spitzer himself apparently employed one in the form of LoGalbo, who ended up retiring from the County.

Unfortunately at this time Spitzer only has one political opponent, Hardin, who is cut from the same cloth as the infamous Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

Will anyone else step up to challenge Spitzer? Someone better step up soon because now OCDA’s top deputies are starting to quit! That includes Sr. Deputy D.A. Tracy Miller and eight others who have retired early recently.

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One thought on “OCDA Spitzer’s senior staff heads for the exits as the lawsuits mount”
  1. Todd Spitzer is a career criminal and a con artist. He has a conviction quota that was discussed at length in a blog published over the weekend. It’s a shame to see otherwise rational, sane citizens support him. He sat by and watched while his best friend Gary Logalbo molested a 16 year old girl who was working as an intern at OCDA. In the past year, a half a dozen lawsuits were filed against him. He also refuses to debate the democrat opponent Pete Hardin. Apparently, Todd Spitzer is very scared of some new misconduct or criminal activity of his coming to light. There is a hashtag circulating online that Todd Spitzer should be in prison. I recommend first doing an investigation to see if there is sufficient evidence to bring him up on corruption charges, or at least disbar him. The hashtag is #ToddSpitzerforPrison2022 and it does link to a variety of interesting content.

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