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Victim was taken of life support and pronounced dead today at 12:36 this afternoon, according to the SAPD.

The attack on a woman who was beaten into unconsciousness outside a popular  Santa Ana nightspot may have been sparked when the 23-year-old accidentally  walked in front of a camera as a group of nightclub patrons posed for a photo, a  friend said Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A friend, who declined to be identified because police are still investigating  the case, said three women and two men got into a heated argument with Pham  after she accidently walked into one of their photos. A cellphone, believed to  belong to one of the suspects, was recovered from the scene, the friend said.

Annie Hung Kim Pham Kim

Are you kidding me?  These maniacs beat a young woman to death because she messed up a picture?  I am not buying this.  You don’t beat a person to death – literally kicking them in the head, unless there is absolute hatred involved.  The killers are said to be Latinos.  The victim was Vietnamese American.  I have no doubt that when the rest of these maniacs are arrested that the truth will come out – this was a hate crime.  This photobombing nonsense is just an excuse.  This was NOT Pham’s fault!

Police were also seeking two women and two men in the case and are hoping a $5,000 reward will lead to the culprits. The reward is being offered by Santa Ana businesses near the club where she was critically hurt, according to NBC.  I don’t know why the owners of the Crosby didn’t pitch in to the reward.  Someone should ask them about that.

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26 thoughts on “No – the Crosby victim wasn’t killed because she photo-bombed her murderers”
  1. This rings true.

    My SAPD sources indicated that they were “searching” cell phones. I assumed it was Robles. But, this makes more sense.

    This was absolutely a HATE crime. a violent attack on an innocent individual.

  2. I am watching channel three.

    I am disgusted by the mayor and the council shamelessly exploiting this event. Note to Benavides: SOMEONE DIED.

    Then Correa shows up, unprepared, speaking like tenth grade Century HS student. This dude went to UCLA????? Save he money man. Not only was he as disingenuous as a Harbor Blvd. streetwalker, he could not get is point across in SIMPLE ENGLISH. Seriously, I don’t know if this State Senator is sick or stupid. He could not annunciate!

    The City Manager thanked “MR. CHASE” for the five grand, not the merchants, which tells you he is scared sh!tless business will be down.

    Heres and idea: If you are Asian: BOYCOTT DTSA!

    1. Oh shut up. Business will not be down-maybe the stupid, already down sales, 4th street will suck even more-but not the rest if the downtown! Oh, did everyone say, “bye bye” to Sam of the former Saint Theresa’s crap store? Closed! Haha! The Chase’s are not scared! It’s full steam ahead. You can’t stop what’s coming! Quit your bitching and move away! The city has been resurrected and not by Latinos! The city took a nose dive straight to a 3rd world country because of them.

      1. Can you please let me know who The Chase’s are. I don’t know who all the “players” in this story are. Thanks

          1. Gentrification has the potential to cause displacement of long-time residents and businesses. Displacement happens when long-time or original neighborhood residents move from a gentrified area because of higher rents, mortgages, and property taxes.

            In recent years, in-town Atlanta neighborhoods have experienced transformations associated with gentrification such as increased property taxes, displacement of the poor, and heightened racial tensions. As a consequence, Atlanta is discovering that gentrification is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, city boosters, including politicians, often clamor for more gentrification because it raises tax revenues by replacing low-income residents with middle- and upper-income residents. On the other hand, this displacement can create havoc for poorer, often minority residents. Indeed, while gentrification may be good for the city coffers, it is bad for many residents.

      2. I especially like how they repeatedly refer to “back when it was so dangerous” you couldn’t walk down the street. Yeah, That was THIRTY years ago. Most of the young adults KILLING EACH other weren’t even alive.

        The same business cycle that allowed dozens of bars in a small area will clense it as well, when insurance, rent and ancillary costs spike. Full steam ahead all right, I’ve watched this all over California.

    1. I think it was. Mainly because on the video you can hear one of the attackers scream: “Gook” as she kicked Pham to death.

      But that’s just me.

      I am concerned that a guy like Vince Sariemento, who went to Foothill High School because his Mother was afraid to send her “Piquito” to Santa Ana High, explain to us oabout urban living. Total BULLSHIT. He is a slave to CHASE.

  3. Drove by the Crosby just now – it was closed. The memorial was lighted nicely – one news crew – 10 to 15 people there.

      1. why you r anonymous….your a chicken shiptr……..get real, who CRES about YOU!!…its NOT AL ABOUT YOU!!..its someone that was murdered..and shut up ur dumb assho…IT WILL HURT BUSSINESSES>>>IDOT..someones ..or somebody,killed..and are still AT LARGE…..IDOT!!..WHO CRES ABOUT YOR ASS!!…lol

  4. People are attached to their phones and the apps like it a vital organ.

    I wouldn’t doubt this girl(s) were pissed at the accidental photo bomb cause I have seen people reaction about pictures.

    Another reason to become fumed stupidly, she was a very fit and attractive person and by the physical description of the suspect she might have got more upset of the photo bomb because she was a hater.

    10 years ago I would go to original mikes and maybe less than half of those attending were gorditos/gorditas, now it is like 80%

  5. What a senseless crime, a person is beaten to death just because she messes up a picture? The monsters that did this are a real danger to humanity and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and be deprived of freedom for as long as they live…

  6. Hate crime or not. These individuals are animals. They are gutless cowards. I put my money on they wouldn’t have the balls to fight someone on equal terms. Thus, I bet there not going to have the balls to turn themselves in. I prey the image of the victim how they each saw her as she layed there is forever etched in there mind.

    1. The Crosby club nights cater to Asians, which means that there were probably 20+ Asians standing outside the Crosby and another 70+ inside who stood by and did not intervene. Against three women and two men, those were been formidable odds to save Kim Pham’s life. Do you call them gutless cowards too, or is that term you reserve for Latinos? There is a need to learn the facts. Failures on all sides. Sadly, one person paid the highest price. Racists will use this as an excuse to air their long-standing hatreds against Mexicans, but that is the real gutless cowardice and the real hate crime.

    1. Robin Cook, Are you serious? One of the women was 25 years old with a five year old son. The other, arraigned today is 27. Most people are well on their way by than. These weren’t sixteen year old chola’s selling weed on the corner (sorry Michele). These were grown women.

  7. Im asian american. This was not a hate crime. As a japanese dude in SA i never had a issue. Kim also threw the first punch and was trying to say shit like she and her friends were in a gang. No wonder she got herself killed.

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