Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The new FBI 2017 crime statistics have been released. Their shows that the country’s estimated number of violent crimes decreased by 0.2 percent in 2017 when compared with the data from the year before. However Santa Ana’s crime numbers don’t look great – and our city is leading in many crime categories in Orange County.

Here are a few high, or perhaps low, lights from Santa Ana’s latest FBI data:

  • 21 murders in 2017 (next highest in the O.C. was Anaheim with 10 murders)
  • 188 rapes in 2017(next highest in the O.C. was Anaheim with 115 rapes)
  • 605 robberies in 2017 (next highest in the O.C. was Anaheim with 480 robberies)
  • 826 Aggravated Assaults in 2017 (next highest in the O.C. was Anaheim with 648 Aggravated Assaults followed by Garden Grove with 355 of these incidents)
  • 7,017 Property Crimes in 2017 (Anaheim was higher in this category with 9,296 Property Crimes while Costa Mesa had 4,298 of these crimes)
  • 929 Burglaries in 2017 (Anaheim led in this category with 1,351 Burglaries while Garden Grove had 840 Burglaries)
  • 4,108 Larceny and Theft incidents in 2017 (Anaheim led in this category with 6,393 of these incidents)
  • 1,980 Vehicle Thefts in 2017 (next highest was Anaheim with 1,552 Vehicle Thefts)
  • 60 Arson incidents in 2017 (next highest was Anaheim with 45 Arson incidents)

You can check out this data yourself here. Check out last year’s data here.

For the record murders in Santa Ana did drop from 23 in 2016 to 21 in 2017.

The SAPD is massively understaffed and as you can see in the data above we are all at risk here in Santa Ana.

It will be very important this November to vote for Santa Ana Council Members who will promise to be tough on crime.

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One thought on “New FBI annual crime data report shows Santa Ana has the most crime in the O.C.”
  1. Anybody ever stop to ask WHY so much is made of “crime rate” which is up to the CRIMINALS, and we hardly EVER hear about “clearance rate” (percent of crimes SOLVED / prosecuted) which is up to the POLICE ???

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