Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

The Occupy American movement is going to congregate in Anaheim, on Oct. 10, from 12 noon to 1 pm, at 101 S. Harbor Bl, to protest Chase and Bank of America.

It would appear that the unions are now involved in this, which comes as no surprise.  What is funny is that they are mad at the banks for charging debit card fees, but it was the Democrats in Congress who passed a bill that led to this.  Did they really think the banks would just eat their lost profit?  Would you?

To add to the irony, the protesters are mad about the bailouts, which Obama (and Bush) supported and which the Democrats in Congress approved (and quite a few dumb Republicans too).

If these guys really want to protest they should quit the red and blue parties and vote for any third party candidates instead.  Have they forgotten that Obama’s Chief of Staff was working for Goldman and Sachs when Obama hired him?

If you want to fix this country, may I suggest:

  1. Legalize marijuana and all other such drugs.  Tax their sale.  Put the users in treatment, not jail.
  2. Get rid of the death penalty.
  3. Reform 3 Strikes to include only violent crimes.
  4. Get out of the Middle East and close every military base in the developed world.  Bring the troops home.  Let our rich allies take care of themselves.
  5. Get rid of all public unions.
  6. Get rid of early retirement for cops and firemen.  They should retire at the same age we do.
  7. No free health care for Congressmen.  And no free cars for any legislators at any level.
  8. Let families use their federal tax money to put their kids in any school they want to, public or private.
  9. Legalize gay marriage
  10. Legalize gambling.  And tax it.
  11. One more Amnesty!  That alone will fix the economy.

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9 thoughts on “Protesters to occupy Anaheim next, on Oct. 10”
  1. They probably differ with you on points 5 and ummm maybe, possibly 10. So pull the giant stick out of your a** grandpa and put a poster on it and do your f***ing duty as a patriotic, informed, concerned citizen before I Occupy this damn social web site.

  2. Occupy New Santa Ana Day #1

    “The issuing government may have the authority to issue money in domestic currency to repay it’s domestic debts; but in the United States today, newly created dollars are not issued by the U.S treasury. They originate with the privately owned Federal Reserve or private commercial banks, which create money in the form of loans. Like those governments that “take on foreign debt,” the U.S government will not be able to cure its mounting debt crises under the current system. The only way out may be a sort of Copernican revolution.”
    The time is now for an American Awakening.

  3. Wrong or not wrong, that is how the revolutions start.

    I know, in 1968 I was standing on Russian tank in Prague waving Czechoslovakian flag.

    It was start.

    This country is too corrupt and lawless to accomplish anything by democratic process.

    So thing of it as a start of real change.

    Here in the California we have too many Mexicans in government destroying the economy.

    It will evolve, Zorro!

  4. America is already in a revolution.

    A large part of the US economy has dropped off the radar. The cancerous system of the government and protected corporate sponsors is currently being starved of resources, the peoples recourses, and at some time in the future, will fail.

    And what will be left is the people to start over. Now just how bloody it is going to be is not yet clear.

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