Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

“Matt Harper, former deputy chief of staff to Supervisor Janet Nguyen who quietly transferred to the Orange County trash agency last month while preparing a run for the Assembly, has been officially warned to avoid any political activities while working as public affairs manager at OC Waste & Recycling for the next year,” according to the Voice of OC.

This is based on an opinion written by Senior Deputy County Counsel Christopher J. Miller, which states that:

  • Neither candidates for county office nor county officials or employees may solicit political contributions from county employees or applicants for county employment.
  • No campaign contributions may be received or delivered in any county office or building.

But what about Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly?  We caught him after he sent an email to his workers asking them to attend a campaign fundraiser.  He sent the email during work hours to their work email addresses!  Here is his email:

Why the Hell did Daly get away with this?

You can read our original post about this by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “Matt Harper warned not to campaign at the County – what about Tom Daly?”
  1. Its a crime and frustrating that Tom Daly continues to campaign at work and no one investigate this idiot.

    He hired Jean Pasco to keep away the OC Register and the Los Angeles Times from exposing Tom Daly from abusing taxpayers money, illegal contracts, illegal hiring and purchasing that piece of shit building, giving Bret Barbrie $48,000 dollars for doing no work.

    I’m dissappointed that John Moorlach is afraid to go after Tom Daly for abusing his power. You are so weak. I guess you are no better than Tom Daly since you did blow taxpayers money!

  2. Tom Daly is a crook. I donated money to his Supervisor race and he quit the race. I ask for mu money back and I haven’t gotten my check.

    Tom Daly stop wasting taxpayers money. It ain’t your money fool.

  3. When Daly took over as the new Clerk Recorder, everyone was hopping for change for a new administration. Everyone hated Renee for things she had done to them in the past when Granville was the Clerk Recorder, but insted of Tom putting order in that office he promoted Renee as asst. Clerk Recorder and eventhough Renee tries to be nice now people don’t forget. That’s why tom’s employees have so many issues with him and noone supports him on anything. your biggest mistake tom was promotting Renee BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

  4. Officially this ass of a man hasn’t really announced that he is running for office. He likes to take peoples money and then quits the race and stays as Clerk-Recorder. If you gave this ass money for supervisor and now are giving him money for assembly run then you must be an idiot or just like Daly, a big ass.

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