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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Date: August 9, 2011
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SANTA ANA – A man has been convicted of committing hate crime arson by lighting three fires at an Irvine church and attempting to set the church on fire because he was disgruntled with the church’s teachings regarding masturbation. Izad Chavoshan, 32, Huntington Beach, pleaded guilty to the court to three felony counts of arson, one felony count of attempted arson, and a hate crime sentencing enhancement. The defendant has a prior strike conviction for criminal threats in 1998.

He faces a sentence ranging from probation up to 20 years in state prison at his sentencing Aug. 19, 2011, in Department C-5, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

On three separate nights between Oct. 15, 2009, and Oct. 19, 2009, Chavoshan drove to the Orange County Church of Christ in Irvine after everyone had left. The defendant, a former church member, disagreed with the church and its teachings against masturbation. On all three occasions, the defendant moved trash cans to the front of the church and set the contents on fire. Church employees reported the fires to Irvine police, who began investigating the case.

At approximately 10:00 p.m. on Oct. 21, 2009, Chavoshan drove to the church and parked close to the front doors. He approached the front of the church and repeatedly threw a trash can at the glass portion of the front doors in an effort to break the glass. The defendant then removed a pack of matches from his pocket, lit a piece of paper on fire, and attempted to set the church on fire by pushing the lit piece of paper between the closed church doors.

Chavoshan was arrested at the scene by officers, who had been monitoring the church in response to the three trash can arsons. This case was investigated by the Irvine Police Department Special Investigations Unit and Orange County Fire Authority fire investigators.

Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz of the Special Prosecutions Unit is prosecuting this case.

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7 thoughts on “Irvine man convicted after burning church over masturbation disagreement”
  1. Funny!

    Here is my 2009 advise to the council on the subject of masturbation.

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: The medicinal masturbation can balance city budget!
    Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 07:10:30 -0800
    From: Standa
    To:,,,,,,, “Walters, Paul” , “Harrelson, Anthony” ,

    Hi Folks,

    ** Masturbation ‘cuts cancer risk’ **
    Men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, researchers suggest.

    Please read the above article first before you continue!

    Based on Commissioner Sean Mill leak, the OJ Art Pedroza reports that:

    “The Planning Commission changed the laws regarding massage parlors. I think they will be able to open up now in our city, with a CUP.”…. That is good development since I was pressuring you to reverse this prohibition since it was enacted.

    However, we must take this a step further and allow “The Medicinal Masturbation” parlors as well to bring a necessary millions into City to balance the budget.

    This is a serious proposal, therefore I am asking you to setup Ad hoc volunteer commission consisting of qualified prostate cancer and public health professionals.

    If you need any further presentation on this issue you may contact me at the above email.

    Please notice that we are living in 21 Century, therefore we should behave accordingly otherwise you guys may die prematurely due to your ignorance.

    Not to regularly masturbate maybe even more deadly than smoking.

    In contrast, Santa Ana my become health leader and enlarge its dot on the map and bringing additional revenues from that along.

    Respectfully submitted,

    -Stanley Fiala

  2. This is not about sexual pleasure, this is about prostate cancer.

    Maybe you two should take PSA test since you are falling into the critical category of man where 1 of 6 will die from the prostate cancer.

    As I recall one of SAPD potential replacement of Walters as chief died from the prostate cancer.

    His own prohibition killed him.

  3. In prison, sometimes I had to make jokes that only I got.

    I was sitting at a table with this Christian zealot called Carlos, who was proselytizing to some tweeker loser about “sins of commission” vs. “sins of ommission,” and using masturbation (which he seemed to be obsessed with) as an example of “sins of commission.”

    I looked up from my book (an Abe Lincoln biography) and told him, “Actually, Carlos, masturbation is a sin of EMISSION.”

    He looked over with interest, responded, “Really? Thanks, Vern,” and jotted the new fact down for future reference. I managed not to laugh.

  4. [I looked up from my book (an Abe Lincoln biography) and told him, “Actually, Carlos, masturbation is a sin of EMISSION.”]…. Hmmmm

    As a brain dead socialist you should suggest to Carlos that the masturbation is a sin of lumpenproletariat.

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