Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Good new and bad news for Archer Alstaetter, the promoter of the Santa Ana East End, who just opened his new store, OUTrageous Costume and Couture, at 305 E. 4th St., in Santa Ana.

Archer is hosting a “Zombie Walk” on Oct. 8, starting at 3 pm with a Monster Make-Up class, with a Zombie Walk at 5 pm, a Zombie feast at 6 pm, and a Zombie Party at Proof Bar, at 7 pm.

On the bad news front, it appears that Archer forget to get his Santa Ana Business License before he opened up shop. I am told he will be fined and that his landlord is now in hot water with the City of Santa Ana, for allegedly telling new tenants they can open their doors before they get their paperwork done.

I am also hearing that Archer proclaimed himself to be a “Usual Suspect” at the last Santa Ana Council Meeting.  Curious.  Why would he want to side with Santa Ana’s Mexican bashers?

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3 thoughts on “East End promoter joins the Usual Suspects, as he hypes a Zombie Walk”
  1. History is moving faster than Archer’s Gay Zombies and the Usual Suspects. The true Zombie walk will be demonstrated at the “Occupy Protest” where you will find people of conscience mocking greedy Corporate America and their supporters as true Zombies.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I didn’t watch the meeting. One of my friends had reported this to me.

      Cribb is indeed a Usual Suspect. As for Archer, he is carrying water for them with his continued attacks on Alvarez. Time will tell where he truly stands.

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