Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Earlier this month, there were several calls to the police by a TMobile store stating that numerous iPhones were missing from shipments to multiple stores, according to the Garden Grove Police Department.

Garden Grove police detectives collaborated with T-Mobile’s Asset Protection to identify the suspect, Jordan Mejia, an Anaheim resident in his 30’s. During the investigation, the detectives learned that Mejia worked as a delivery driver who would covertly steal the phones while on his delivery routes.

The police detectives located Mejia on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, and took him into custody.

Mejia had four stolen iPhones in his possession when he was arrested. An execution of a search warrant at his residence also located additional evidence. In total, he stole over $100,000 worth of iPhone 15s.

Mejia was later booked at the Orange County Jail on several felony charges.

Why Mejia thought he would get away with stealing these iPhones is a very good question.

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