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The Democratic Party of Orange County Endorses Councilman Vincent Sarmiento to Represent Santa Ana City Council – Ward 1

Santa Ana, California – Vincent Sarmiento has received the endorsement from the Democratic Party of Orange County for Santa Ana City Council’s Ward -1 seat.

The Democratic Party of Orange County represents democrats in the fifth largest county in the nation. The party believes Councilman Sarmiento is the best and most capable candidate to represent the residents of Santa Ana.

“The Democratic Party of Orange County is proud to endorse Councilman Vincent Sarmiento,” said Nick Anas, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County. “We are excited to help Mr. Sarmiento move Santa Ana forward and get him re-elected this fall.”

Vincent and his family have lived in and around Santa Ana since 1965. He attended John Muir Elementary, Sierra Elementary, and Willard Intermediate Schools. Vincent now lives in a 1929 historic home in the Saddleback View neighborhood; three blocks from where he grew up. Presently, Vincent is the principal owner of a law practice in Santa Ana, with his wife, Eva, also an attorney. They have three children, ages 13, 10, and 7, whom they hope will learn the value of public service and contributing to their community.


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6 thoughts on “Council Member Sarmiento endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County”
  1. Hey Dan,

    What happened to your Democratic apologist buddy Andrew Galvin?

    Finally we see some good reporting out of the Register from Ron Gonzales regarding Santa Ana.

    Maybe Andrews focus on the “Memphis Mafia” and the make believe world of “outsider” Santa Ana became boring. Maybe personal problems forced his absence, maybe his boss was embarassed about defending him and then realizing he was wrong.

    My guess is he’ll take a OCEA type job, like Jenifer, or just lay there ass up in the bookstore.

    1. Maybe he can become a Huntington Beach based spokesman for David Benavides. He can start by checking Davids bathroom and revealing some Always pads and vagisil, as proof that his wife still lives there!

      That’s the level of reporting we’ve come to expect from this shill. Then he roll out Alica as a supporter.

  2. At the so called “debate”, Sarmiento claimed that the “community should dictate the city policy.” Cool.
    That is why we love Sarmiento.
    Because he is such a perfect politician who says all of the perfect things. I think the Grain Project is going to have some words with him soon and all of the council yahoos very soon.
    As for Benavides. We look forward to finding out who is going to Chapter One to donate $1,000 for WHores Deurvers.

  3. I just saw some campaign signs in South Central Santa Ana that are confusing. They say:


    That’s it…just VOTE AMEZQUA

    I looked it up on line and there seems to be THREE people named Amezqua on the ballot! Are they a family all running for office saving money on signs?

    I noticed Roman Reyna signs too which also do not say what he is running for. Maybe this is the new Green campaign style so you can recycle and use them over, and over, and over again.

    1. Its not he new Green Campaign. It’s the Budget Campaign and you’re right. Amezcua and Reyna will re-use their signs in the future for whatever political seat they seek.

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