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I just heard from a friend that the Santa Ana Police Department went completely nuts tonight, shutting down several streets in an unprecedented Cinco de Mayo crackdown.  My friend reported seeing dozens of vehicles being towed away. 

He also said folks were being stopped for having tinted windows and for driving while brown. The cops seemed to be looking for cruisers in particular.

I could not find any report of this over at the O.C. Register, but their reporter, Therese Cisneros, did have this to say on her Facebook page:  Police to crack down on cruising tonight…..Police will be on the look out for criminal activity and vehicle code violations. Traffic will be reduced to two lanes in each direction on Bristol between McFadden and Warner….Edinger between Main and Bristol will be closed. Traffic on
Main between Mc Fadden and Warner will be reduced to one lane….Surrounding streets may be closed as well.

What a horrible way to wreck an important day in Mexican history.  The irony is that white folks are the ones who drink to excess on Cinco de Mayo, not Mexicans.  This day isn’t even that big a deal in Mexico, certainly not as big as the Fiesta de Independencia. 

What all of this is about is taking cars away from immigrants and making them pay a fortune to get them back.  It is wrong, period. 

Our Santa Ana City Council just voted to condemn the racial profiling in Arizona, then our own cops pull this crap.  Where is Mayor Pulido now?  Probably sipping wine at his Floral Park estate…

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16 thoughts on “Brutal SAPD crackdown ruins Cinco de Mayo”
  1. i just believe this is a good opportunity to site and make money since the city is and has been laying employees left and right…just on Tuesday 05.04.10 issued lay off notices to 15 full time employees in recreation

  2. city of Garden Grove is doing check points tonight in front of the Block till 3 am

  3. I feel sad for the people who were probably on the way home from work and had their vehicles taken away. I bet most of those people don’t cruise or even know what cruising is. You see, I also agree that white folks celebrate 5 de Mayo more than us Mexican people.

  4. Thee West Coast Arizona aka Santa Ana.

    2 days later – Ms. Michele Martinez why are you ranting and venting on those who elected you- your facebook fans- shame on you- replace Ward 2 councilrep. asap-

    I am now taking back the empathy I felt when watching the last council meeting- I seriously fell for their acting.

    Actions speak louder than words, ppl.

  5. Where is Michelle Quinn- I have been away from defending my ppl for far too long.
    I received an email telling me I was needed on the blog because Michelle Quinn was let loose- she got out of her cage- I heard she is hating on the blogs? LOL

    Did you guys hear Lupe Moreno at Mon. night’s council mtg? LOL
    Santa Ana is better than the novelas! LOL

  6. where is the City council meeting review post- direct me – I need to paint the walls brown LOL

    did you see Alex Vega’s makeover-
    LOL The Mayor was having indigestion over it – he simply couldn’t play it off- replay, plse someone post video!! HAHAHA- LOL this is better than sit-ups on the abs- I’m laughing so hard!

  7. Shame on Santa Ana Police Department!!! The people of Santa Ana are hard working people; they did not deserve this especially on Cinco de Mayo what a humiliation. The reason why these people are force to drive without a drives license is due to the BAD TRANSPORTATION service.

  8. Ok instead of talking out of your other side, let me tell you one of the main reasons SAPD closed all those streets… the cruisers keep the hard working people of Santa Ana up all night with all their noise (radios, screaming, yelling etc). If you live on Edinger or Bristol or one of the other major streets and you need to get up for work you appreciate what SAPD did, and if they took some cars away from people that aren’t suppose to be driving, that even better.

    1. Lisa,

      Really? I know folks who got stuck on those streets for half an hour trying to get home after work. I think they will not agree with you.

      It was gestapo B.S.

  9. Ok I do have to agree that SAPD closed the streets alittle too early, but since I do live off of Edinger St. I also have to give SAPD credit for not letting the cruisers keep me up till 2am.

  10. Santana – Sanctuary City.

    Watch out for the cops, they will close down entire streets and stop everybody without regard to status, color, age, or gender to make sure you have your Driver’s license with you and are not under the influence.

    There must be one helluva drunk driver problem there.

  11. Santa Ana police waste time taking cars away from hard working people. But the police officer don’t even dare to stop gang members. Many kids that attend Villa Fundamental are being robbed when they come out of school at 2:30pm and police are called and take’s about an hour to respond. As if the gang members are going to be waiting for them.

    The Eastside of Santa Ana has no officers patrolling the area, but how about floral park? Can some one any one, who resides at floral park asnwer my question and tell me how often do you see police cars patrolling your neighborhood.

    Shame SAPD!!!!!

  12. Absolute garbage, I was out tonight and I live by Edinger. They were stopping randomly, but focusing on Trucks since there’s so many truck clubs/gangs in the area. These are the idiots that do burnouts in my neighbourhood or drive 50 down my street where good kids and neighbors are enjoying their yards. Its ridiculous to suggest that this isn’t having a good effect. I had 1 guy tailing me in his stupid 90 SUV on 20’s bombing his stereo until he caught sight of the policy and then he shut that crap right down. And so he should, some of the illegal stereos are just stupidly loud. I’m even willing to go so far as to say, during the day time I don’t care, but if you do this crap until 2-4am in the morning I’m going to report it.

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