Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Read the local blogs or the pseudo-media and you will see an incredible fascination, some might say obsession, with our great city and our elected officials.  Whether they live in Anaheim, Long Beach or Irvine these folks can’t seem to focus on their own communities they instead choose to write about ours and do so with an outsiders ignorance.  Their wild eyed accusations and assessments are based on second hand knowledge and biased observations.

It looks as though these folks have joined in with the small, but angry, mob of local residents that offer no real solutions or alternatives to help move our city forward.  The recent election results demonstrated that the voters soundly rejected this “coalition of no” and their negative view of our city and our leaders.  Rather than simply opposing projects and attacking our electeds perhaps these folks could offer up some different ideas for moving our city forward along with a plan on how they would do it.

Simply saying you want more cops, more parks and more services is not an answer.  Everyone wants those things.  Tell us how we can do that or how we can accomplish it by tweaking what we are currently doing.  Mayor Miguel Pulido, the city council and city leaders like our Police Chief Paul Walters are doing all they can to provide our community the best services possible given the current budget issues we face.  Things could be much worse but thanks to our leadership they aren’t.

We here at the New Santa Ana blog are all ears when it comes to hearing new ideas and plans on how we can make our city a better place.  We would love to hear constructive criticism of the way things are being done now, perhaps there are ways to do things better.  However all we hear out of these bloggers and so-called media types is pissing and moaning and personal attacks against our city, our leaders and their supporters.

For all of you folks throwing rocks from afar I ask you this, if you are so concerned about our city why don’t you move here and help make it a better place?  You are constantly telling the blogosphere how smart you are, why don’t you move to Santa Ana run for office and let us all reap the awards of your incredible intelligence?

Obviously you have all solved the problems in Anaheim, Irvine, Long Beach and wherever else it is that you hail from.  Since you see our great city as being so interesting that you focus your obsession on it I ask you to come and help us move it forward.  For many years Art Pedroza and I found throwing rocks to be easy, finding solutions is hard.  Join us and or great city leaders in finding the solutions necessary to improve the most interesting city in Orange County.

The time is now and the place is Santa Ana.

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4 thoughts on “Bloggers and media demonstrate Santa Ana must be the most interesting city in OC”
  1. I live here and I’m ready to help more! I have been working, volunteering and living here now for two years this month. Interestingly, I was a resident of Irvine for nearly three years. I am currently working on a little project here in Santa Ana and would love to share with the City Council about what it’s all about.

    email me if interested.

    Thank you,

  2. As much as the city has improved, i still cant say anything but wow. Wow that it just seems to not be able to get any better. Miguel Pulido is corrupt, no question about it. The past two to three terms have been nothing more than an extra paycheck for him. He does absolutely nothing now, besides accept money under the table. Its not OUR job to think of ideas, thats what THEY are paid for. THEY are suppose to bring in more Cops. THEY are suppose to make space for new parks. THEY should WORK to bring us more resources. Its simple, they have to WORK. They do nothing but sit in a table and do nothing! The city officials are ELECTED to WORK and think of IDEAS!! Not us!

  3. I’m sure this is not breaking news, but when some of the other news sources report a criminal defendant from a crime that occured in Anaheim or wherever, the say reporting from “Santa Ana” meaning they are reporting from the courthouse in Santa Ana. I hear people talk all the time about some crime in Santa Ana, only to find out that it took place in some other OC city. This is huge. and yet accepted. Is there a name for this act?

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