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Yost chorro

Poor Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides had to switch the location of his upcoming fundraising reception from Ketri Cafe to the Yost Theatre after we let the people of Santa Ana know about Ketri’s unfortunate record of health violations.  However perhaps Benavides should have checked out the Yost Theatre’s health record before he selected them as the new location of his fundraiser, which is set for Oct 16, 2014, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  It turns out the Yost is a real cochinero!

On July 10, 2014, the Yost received these health violations after a health inspection by the OC Health Care Agency:

  • Uncleanliness of Premises/Trash Storage
  • Facility not Fully Enclosed/Open Door/Air Curtain
  • Inoperable/Lack of Food Thermometer
  • Water Temp (100F-119F)/Wash Temp <100F/Cross Con
  • Unsanitary Equipment/Utensil/Linen/Plumbing
  • Lack of/Unsanitary/Condition Walls/Floors/Ceilings
  • Improper Food Storage/Receiving
  • Change Room Improper Use/Lack of

On February 5 of this year the Yost received these health violations:

  • Facility not Fully Enclosed/Open Door/Air Curtain
  • Lack of/Improper Handwashing/Handwashing Sup.

On January 29, 2014, the Yost was tagged with these health violations:

  • Unsanitary Equipment/Utensil/Linen/Plumbing
  • Facility not Fully Enclosed/Open Door/Air Curtain
  • Lack of/Improper Handwashing/Handwashing Sup.
  • Uncleanliness of Premises/Trash Storage
  • Lack of/ImproperJanitorial Facilities or Liq Waste

On January 22, 2014, the Yost received these health violations:

  • Facility not Fully Enclosed/Open Door/Air Curtain
  • Unapproved Pesticides/Chemicals/Labeling
  • Lack of/ImproperJanitorial Facilities or Liq Waste
  • Evidence of Vermin Activity/Presence of Animals/Insects
  • Lack of/Improper Handwashing/Handwashing Sup.
  • Unsanitary Equipment/Utensil/Linen/Plumbing
  • Lack of/Unsanitary/Condition Walls/Floors/Ceilings
  • Uncleanliness of Premises/Trash Storage

Click here to see all of the Yost Theatre’s 2013 health violations – and there are a ton of them!

Yost Theatre

What are they saying about the Yost Theatre on Yelp?  Here are a few excerpts:

  • Security NEEDS TRAINING! By the end of the night kids were dancing on my VIP bottle service table. knocking,kicking, and dripping stuff everywhere.
  • After this experience, i will never return to YOST again. Worst CLUBBING experience in 10 years.
  • This was my first and last time going to this venue. First off, the place was filled with lots of douchebags. I took one step out to the smoking area and I could sense a bad vibe. The next second, my friend’s drink got knocked out of his hand. The douchebag didn’t even apologize. Ugh.And another time, I was dancing with my girls trying to have fun and some guy threw a packaged condom at me. WTF. Really?
  • At most clubs, you would see staff go around cleaning/wiping up the floor and clear empty cups and glasses. I did not see anyone going around doing that at all. We were literally dancing around in puddles and trash
  • within 30 minutes a bunch of random strangers were around our table, pouring themselves drinks and helping themselves to our alcohol! I kept on trying to get them to leave – security was not doing anything about it either.
  • Took my girlfriend here for her birthday, got bottle service, brought a bunch of friends with… Only to get kicked out when half way through the night I asked somebody what he was doing at my table, drinking my alcohol. Apparently he was one of the owners…
  • Horrible service, people and management. The whole night I had bartenders man handle my drinks and basically give me below average service.
  • If i could give this place zero stars, or negative, i would. This place sucks so much.
  • After one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had, The Yost came back to haunt me months later and borrowed some of my money for over a month.  Not like I would ever visit this place again, but I noticed something on my debit card statement today – a reversal of a charge from the yost theater credited back to my account on 11/5. The description simply said “DEBIT CARD CREDIT 02/19 THE YOST THEATER” and the credit was for $182.50
  • They let the crappiest people in this place I was there around 10:30 and there was already girls falling on the dance floor and throwing up ALL over the bathroom who weren’t being escorted out of the building and allowed to stay even though they clearly needed to leave.
  • Ghetto ass club!!! Saw a girl get assaulted by a female employee who was supposed to be a security guard! Never go here this club needs to get shut down ASAP!!!
  • Ghetto & trashy. I’m not a fan at all. Lines takes FOREVER to get in. Smells like sh*t inside.
  • This place is awful. I wish I NEVER celebrated my birthday here. Wasted my money and my time. DONT celebrate here.
  • This Place is Horrible, I was there a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend and I saw a fight break out between a male security guard and a young girl. The security guard called in some of their wannabe drop-out cops to try to escort her off but instead they jumped her and one bashed her face into the ground breaking her nose!!! Who does that to a girl?!?!?!?! All of them need to be fired!!! I hope she ends up suing this place!
  • Personally, I think Giant made a mistake moving their Thursday nights from Sutra to this sh*tty place. The sound system sucks, the place is run down and there is absolutely no seating. I don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone say, “Oh Yost? I love that place!”.
  • when I went the first time I did watch the bouncers destroy like eleven kids. I’m talkin 260 pound men SLAMMING tiny little kids on to the pavement. For dumb stuff like not complying w them.
  • This is by far the most HORRIBLE club I have ever been to. The security that works here are rude abusive and horrendous!!! They will hurt you even if you are a girl they don’t care!!
  • They sold too many tickets and wouldn’t let many of the ticketholders in. Then the police came to shoo everyone away because it was a fire code violation. Refused to refund money.
  • So Yost, due to your lack of customer service, poor coordinating skills (specifically bottle service), and terrible crowd control, as I told my waitress, I wanted to pay no more than I had to (you bet I left a big fat donut for tip). And it is safe to assume that me and my friends will refuse to ever return to your venue again. Your line up has gone down the drain anyway, see y’all at Sutra.
  • The place was WAY oversold, by at least 20%. The heat inside the place was oppressive & we literally had spectators standing in the walkway getting pushed up against the fence of the VIP area about to get smothered.

Click here to read more of these “rave” reviews.

Maybe Benavides should have kept this event at Ketri Cafe?

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6 thoughts on “Benavides fundraiser now to be held at the cochinero that is the Yost Theatre”
  1. Looks to me like this fundraiser is not at the Yost, but on a public sidewslk in front if the Yost. Did Dumb-Dumb David get a permit to hold his pilitical campaign on public property?

  2. I heard it was two fold. The Ketri has a $200. Minimum. The councilman couldn’t cover with his Old Navy VISA. Plus, the owners were very concerned with security. With most of his support coming from gang members, trouble was likely.

    1. I heard he asked Emily for an advance on the alimony she pays him to help cover the cost of the event. Other than Ogulnik the others at his event are all comped. Wonder Ogulnik is simply paying the bar tab for Bacerra and company.

  3. I’m not a gang banger but I will be there supporting him….no matter how much poop is talked about him makes him a better man….

    1. Yeah Cc, I have a problem with a bible toting “man” who bails on his children……….

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