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Sal Tinajero at the forum

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero Press Release


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Sal Tinajero Distances Himself From The Release Of The Miguel Pulido City Investigation Report

Santa Ana ­ Mayor Pro­Tem Sal Tinajero was surprised and disappointed when he found that the investigation report on Mayor Miguel Pulido had been leaked to the media. Tinajero stated, “I have always respected the opinion of the Orange County District Attorney’s office. From the very beginning I informed the public that I would not release the report if I found that doing so could potentially damage the ongoing investigation.”

It was made public that the office of the Orange County District Attorney urged the city of Santa Ana not to release the report.

According to Tinajero, “The DA’s office explained that releasing the report could hurt the investigation; that was enough for me to make the decision not to release the report.”

Tinajero feared that someone might leak the report to the media before a city decision was made. That is why back in September, Sal Tinajero sent an email to Santa Ana City Attorney Sonia Carvalho, asking her not to release the investigative report to him.

Tinajero further stated, “I wanted no part of the report because the agency that handles these matters is doing their investigation and we should not get in the way. I believe it is unfortunate, when individuals put their political ambitions in front of our justice system.”


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7 thoughts on “Tinajero decries leaked release of the Miguel Pulido City Investigation Report”
  1. You KNOW it was Benavides!

    That dude can’t keep his mouth shut. In the end he’ll be responsible for the case swirling down the drain.

    Nobody reads the Voice Of OC. Especially in Santa Ana.

    1. David most likely used a conduit to deliver the report to the Voice of OC and that conduit was probably Phil Bacerra. But then again David is pretty stupid and he may have just emailed via his city email. Roman has a reading deficiency and probably had to have someone read the report to him, so I doubt he was behind sending it to the Voice of OC.

  2. We all got to know the truth why cover up for him its not right for Santa Ana residents to be lied to …the question I want to know is why cover up for him he got caught and now it’s time to pay the price….

  3. That’s not true editor I got people who know he is being investigated..and charges haven’t yet gotten dropped yet…but I want to know why cover up for him ?

    1. No one is covering up anything. There is an investigation and because I know the facts of the case I can pay with certainty that this is all BS.

  4. I doubt that the mayor will be indicted.

    He might have a fine from FPPC for not filling out their form completely.

    Remember how the campaign watch dog thought the mayor collected money for a LDF over the allowed amount? Just a mistake in reading the rules that apply, by the watch dog.

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