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In 2008 there were three Vietnamese candidates running for the First Supervisorial District but only one of them was a Democrat – a nice fellow named Hoa Van Tran.  The other two candidates were Republicans – Janet Nguyen and Dina Nguyen (no relation to each other).  Click here for a recap of that election courtesy of the L.A. Times.

Van Tran should have had a great shot at the seat but many Democrats turned on him – believing outright lies that he was somehow affiliated with former Republican Assemblyman Van Tran.

Janet’s main adviser at the time was a Democrat named Phil Bacerra.  He in fact introduced me to Janet one night at the Azteca Restaurant in Garden Grove.  I asked her what she stood for and the only issue she could come up with was “Small Business.”  I should have realized then that she was an empty suit.

It was odd that Bacerra was promoting Janet.  But she wasn’t the only Republican he palled around with.  He used to brag about having breakfast with loathsome lobbyist Curt Pringle, the former Mayor of Anaheim.

Cartoon Janet Nguyen

Sean Mill, as loyal a Democrat as I have ever known, blasted the Democrats for destroying Hoa Van Tran, in a post on the Orange Juice blog.  He wrote “Congrats again of getting a Republican elected in a overwhelmingly Democratic district. You should all be so proud.”

The Democrats also turned on another loyal Democrat during their attack on Hoa Van Tran – wrecking another nice guy named Paul Lucas to the point that he became deathly ill.  All this for Janet.  I still don’t understand it.

But this wasn’t the first time the Democrats helped Janet.  In 2007 when she was in a bind over a recount after she prevailed by a few votes over her opponent, Trung Nguyen, it was Lou Correa who convinced the OCEA to pay for the recount.

The biggest disgrace was in 2012 when the Democratic Party of Orange County gave Janet a free pass – she was not challenged when she ran for reelection that year in the First District.  Her only challenger was nutcase Steve Rocco.

Ruh roh Janet Nguyen

Of course Janet gerrymandered the First District and now it leans Republican.  You can blame the Democrats for that too!

Now Janet is on the verge of winning the 34th State Senate District and the Democrats might lose their super majority in Sacramento if she does.  And the fault for this lies on the Democrats – Bacerra and the yahoos at the OCEA who helped fund this corrupt beast.

The DPOC has always been inept but helping to create Janet Nguyen has to be their stupidest move ever!

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  1. corrupt beast eh pedroza? lets not forget that you supported her and were her biggest cheerleader remember? oh the ass lickings you gave her were just so pathetic.you should have listened to me I had her pegged all along.

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