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Santa Ana Councilmember David Benavides announces candidacy for Mayor; thanks incumbent Mayor for over 25 years at City Hall.

Santa Ana, CA (July 30, 2012) – “Santa Ana is ready to once again be the thriving urban center and heart of Orange County. I am ready to be the Mayor with the vision and commitment to help our city realize its potential,” Benavides said. “As Mayor I will engage our residents and businesses and bring our community together around the common goals of safe neighborhoods, strong businesses, and building our city into a cultural destination – a city in which we can all take pride.”

When he first took office in 2006, Councilmember David Benavides vowed to make City Hall more accessible, attentive, and responsive to the real needs of the Santa Ana community. He led by example and has held city wide community office hours at the Southwest Senior Center on the first Saturday of every month for the last six years. Over the years he has heard from hundreds of residents and business owners as they have shared their vision for a stronger, more vibrant Santa Ana – a Santa Ana where the voice of the people matters and where together the community and City Hall create solutions to improve their city and take it to greater heights.

Mayoral candidate David Benavides has plans to establish a Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement and will focus on: Revitalizing Neighborhoods, Reinforcing our Local Economy, Renewing Pride in Santa Ana.

David Benavides was first elected to the Santa Ana City Council in 2006. He was re-elected in 2010.  Prior to being elected to the City Council he served as a member of the city’s Planning Commission. In 1996 Benavides moved into one of Santa Ana’s most challenging neighborhoods as a team leader for what was supposed to be an 8-week summer program to mentor youth in this at-risk community. Over 15 years later he continues to live in the same Santa Ana neighborhood. However, the neighborhood is no longer the same. Benavides along with his neighbors have turned their community around making it a safer place for children and families. It is a city-wide vision of community revitalization that fuels Councilmember Benavides’ service on the City Council.

Councilmember Benavides is a member of the following three City Council Committees: Public Safety, Transportation, and Neighborhood Improvement/Code Enforcement. He is Santa Ana’s representative to the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors and alternate Director on the Board of the Orange County Sanitation District.

“I would like to thank the incumbent Mayor for sitting on the City Council for over 25 years. I look forward to being a key part in the next chapter of Santa Ana’s future and to serving as the next Mayor of this great city, “stated Councilmember Benavides.

To learn more about Mayoral Candidate David Benavides and his vision for Santa Ana please visit


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3 thoughts on “Benavides announces campaign for Mayor of Santa Ana”
  1. Art, As someone who knows S.A. politics….If an Anglo..say George Collins/Ann Andres/Randell Young,Judy Edge/Glenn Stroud or Winston Covington jumps into the race for Mayor…..might the three Latino candidates divide up the votes and put one of the Gringos on the Victory Stand?

  2. I wish David would come out.

    Rumors of his sexuality have floated around for a long time. If he is in fact Gay, he should stand LOUD AND PROUD like the rest of us.

    I recognize his base and his background is the conservative Christan crowd, but if he is lying to them why wouldn’t he lie to us.

    When will a reporter be brave enough to ask a canidate:

    “Are you gay?”

    This is 2012 there is nothing wrong with that.


    All three set off GAYDAR alarms far and wide, but nobody wants to ask???????????

    1. This time I don’t think so. Some guy emailed me a couple years ago accusing David of having an affair with his wife. I met with David and he said it was all BS. But he did admit to being a friend of the lady, who was a work associate…

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