Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

The Santa Ana City Council just voted on the 85 A item that was put on the agenda tonight, by Council Members Carlos Bustamante and David Benavides.  They said they weren’t trying to punish Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, but that is precisely what they were trying to do.

The Council voted 4-3 for an alternate motion submitted by Council Member Vince Sarmiento, condemning Alvarez’ comments last week, when she used a Hitler analogy in talking about Jewish property owner and developer Irv Chase.

Surprisingly, Council Member Michele Martinez sided with the “B-Boys.”  However they could not get four votes.  Indeed, they got punked.  Council Members Pulido, Sarmiento, Tinajero and Alvarez voted for the substitute motion.

Alvarez will continue to serve as Mayor Pro Tem and she will not be removed from any Commissions.

Click here to read my extensive report on tonight’s Council meeting.

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11 thoughts on “Benavides and Bustamante thwarted by the Santa Ana City Council”
  1. Need 4 yes votes to pass the substitute motion.

    1 of the 4 yes votes was Alvarez own vote.

    Tinajero comments, he talk a lot about being discriminated against as a youth and being bullied, Then he votes to let the bully on the council off the hook. Go figure.

    Martinez is the “stand out” of the night. She took the bunt of criticism during her comments and even mentioned the voters rights if they disagree with the final vote.

    And she voted against the slap on the wrist that passed. I am impressed.

    A notable told me after the vote when I was leaving, “the council knows there is a code of ethics and now they know what it means.”

    I do think Alvarez has learned a hard lesson, and may be an improved council member in the future.

    1. cook,

      I thought it was damned hypocritical for the Usual Suspects to attack Alvarez for being less than civil, then returning to their seats so they could hoot and holler at all the speakers, and Council Members they disagreed with.

  2. “A notable told me after the vote when I was leaving, “the council knows there is a code of ethics and now they know what it means.””…… Hmmmm

    Unfortunately it does not apply during the speech in the council meeting and on the first page it states that it can’t be used to remove council member.

    Just because council does not respect the law it does not mean it was legal.

    I have noticed that even in Sacramento they knowingly vote on unlawful items and let it go to court to be overturned.

    The Socialists and Liberals have no respect for the law!

    It is that simple.

    That is why all genocides of the last century were committed by the Socialists.

  3. “and holler at all the speakers”….. Hmmmm

    Have you ever listen to British House of Commons?

    Tune in sometimes.

    May be we need British rules now when USA, CALIFORNIA and SANTA ANA is ran by lawless leftists.

    1. Missed the point Fiala. I don’t care if they holler but these hypocrites are crying about how Alvarez treats people while they act like rude scumbags. Shameless hypocrites!!!!

  4. Here’s what I’ve decided:

    It DOES NOT matter what Councilwoman Alvarez said.

    She could have called Irv Chase a selfish Jew, Jesus Christ a fag, condemed Mohomehed to death. It does’nt matter after watching the responses by the council at large, only Pulido seemed to have a grip on the situation and rise above it.

    The others, well let’s be frank, it was all political posturing, from Claudia defending herself, to Bustamonte’s reference to his kid?? (Seriously, Wht the fuck is this guy doing in public office, let alone in a position he is with the county, if he is that broken up?) I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am that my kids did not go to Fullerton high School, because Sal inspired ZERO confidence in the future of America.

    Beneviedes, While trying to sound compassionate, sounded constipated. A really poor public speaker.

    Sariemento was the most professional BY FAR.

    Pulido the most human.

    Martinez, scared shitless. Which way do I go????

    The Santa Ana city council doesn’t need sensitivity training. They need a reality check. It sounds like Bustamonte got one at dinner this weekend.

    Pulido, to his credit welcomed debate.

    But boy, this is one f*cked up family.

  5. ‘I’m in my happy place. Are you?”

    I know – what was that? Sal admitted he was totally oblivious to Claudia’s egregious comments after the last council meeting. Really? No wonder he let it pass. He was all over the place and it definitely did not inspire confidence. Last night was a major sweeping under the rug. At least I hope it puts an end to hate speech on the dais. They should be setting an example for the community not exacerbating issues. Can’t wait till we have a new slate of councilmembers and these ones are termed out.

  6. “new slate of council members and these ones are termed out. ”

    Term limits are a joke. You have the right to vote and replace any office holder on election day. no waiting.

    1, 3, 5 term limits for the current office holders expire on 2020
    2, 4, 6 term limits for the current office holders expire on 2022

    Note 1, 3, 5 election is in 2012, you want someone else? why wait until 2020?

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