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Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World, at the Bowers Museum, from Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010, through Sunday, March 13, 2011.

Featuring seventy-five rare and important artifacts from Franklin’s life, this exhibition is an immersive, interactive visitor experience for all ages. The exhibition presents the stories of Franklin’s life through his personal belongings used during his early years in Boston as a rebellious teenager, during his life as a printer and during his years of service to the American colonies and the newly formed United States.

A scientist, inventor, diplomat, humorist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Franklin’s dynamism comes to life further through hands-on and interactive activities and animations geared toward a school-aged audience.

Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World was originally organized and presented by the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary to mark the 300-year anniversary of Franklin’s birth (1706-2006). Supported by a lead grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary was founded by a consortium of Philadelphia cultural institutions: the American Philosophical Society, The Franklin Institute, the Library Company of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the University of Pennsylvania.

Learn more at After its international tour ended in March, 2008 it was redesigned by the Minnesota Historical Society who made it available to travel to other venues.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Franklin exhibit coming to the Bowers Museum on Dec. 18”
  1. Santa Ana residents can visit the Bowers at no charge on this coming Tuesday, But I think it is the 1st Sunday of the month (Jan. 2nd) that this new exhibit is available to Santa Ana residents at no charge. There used to be a free Friday night, I not sure if still is in effect.

  2. Art,

    Thanks for posting this.


    Everyone should make an effort to see this fine demonstration of our past as a country and a man who was instrumental in shaping it.

    Middle school teachers especially should hook up with the teaching points from the bowers site and offer extra credit to attendees.

    This is as real as it gets!

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