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Assemblyman Jose Solorio has always been a staunch supporter of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.  He stepped that up a notch this week sending a personalized letter to every voter in Santa Ana, asking them to vote for Pulido on Nov. 6.

Solorio’s letter focused on Pulido’s many achievements, including:

  • Crime in Santa Ana has dropped by 58%
  • Home and property values have increased
  • Our downtown has been economically revitalized
  • Hundreds of miles of residential and commercial streets have been improved
  • We have seen an expansion of social, arts and cultural venues in town
  • The partnership between neighborhoods, schools and the city has been greatly enhanced
  • The City has successfully balanced its budget and come up with innovative solutions to reduce the cost of government during difficult economic times.

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34 thoughts on “Assemblyman Solorio asks Santa Ana’s voters to support Mayor Pulido”
  1. Uh Oh.

    Vern, Greg, Chris, Dan and Dr. Lomeli along with a chorus of out of town bloggers are going to be mighty pissed off.

    Now if they could only come up with a way to actually vote on politics that have NOTHING to do with them.

  2. These listed achievements are a result of 25 years on the council. 18 years as Mayor.

    Would it take the average politician take this long to provide these arguable achievements?

    Are they achievements or embarrassments?

    1. For the last six years? Sure. But aren’t the voters looking for new ideas from Benavides? Or are you admitting that the cupboard is bare?

  3. The point is that Pulido can not claim exclusive owner ship of his listed achievement if council voted as a voting group without prior statements at start of each administration as these are my goals as mayor I will take leadership and will gather support from my fellow council members to get my objectives trough.

    Pulido has to my knowledge never done this. So he can not claim achievements as an individual . Where is the LEADERSHIP?

    The point is that all achievements listed are things that occurred within the last 6 years . What happened in the prior 12 years as Mayor.

  4. Please help my dementia and go through the achievements not listed that happened before the last 6 years. Why were they not listed above?

    1. Why bother? Nothing is going to change your mind. Perhaps you’ll relax after Pulido wins again. Then again a surly nature is another sign of dementia.

  5. I love the fact that Dr. Lomeli, a resident of orange is the President of the “Coalition For better Government” in a place he doesn’t even live!

    He can’t vote here his kids don’t attend school here, He has no lasting roos here.

    If that’s not suspicious, what would his racist buddies say if North Korea were investing and paricipating in the Presidential election?

    Along with his bigoed bunch of friends, maybe they can clense Santa Ana of all that is brown.


  6. Carpetbagger does not live,work nor have children in Santa Ana schools. He is a hired attack dog for the Pulido campaign to pursue witch hunts.

    I have a businesses and own property in downtown Santa Ana for over 20 years.

    Carpetbagger is delusional never has facts.

  7. I admire Mr. Solorio for standing up for our Mayor. Jose has done so much for you community and if he likes Pulido then so do I. Gracias Jose!

  8. Pulido’s listed achievements have been in the last 6 years ….when the new council majority was elected. What did Pulido do the previous 19 years? His listed achievements are the council’s achievements.

    All listed achievements are a result of severe Santa Ana resident pressure and council members listening to the residents.


    1. That is a moronic statement. Pulido has most certainly left his mark – just drive up and down Bristol or through the Downtown area up through the Main St. corridor.

      I was never a fan of redevelopment but Pulido used it to great effect. We are talking about legacy projects such as the expansion of the Bowers Museum, the Discovery Science Center, the widening of Bristol St., the Artists Village, etc.

      There are a good many grants that are coming into play now that are making it possible to open more parks – and a lot of those are public-private partnerships.

      One thing we know about Mayor Pulido. He is highly connected in Sacramento and in DC. He knows who to call to make things happen. You cannot say that about Benavides. If he were to call Senator Feinstein her staff would send him straight to voice mail. Same thing would happen if he tried to call Gov. Brown, who stayed in Pulido’s home during his gubernatorial campaign, while visiting our city.

      Benavides is not ready for prime time. Sal Tinajero might have been but you guys pushed him out in favor of Benavides. Huge mistake. Game over.

  9. All his Sacramento connections have resulted in Bristol St. widening, Bowers Museum expansion, the Science Center and the Artist village and in 25 years on the council? This is something he and you want to brag about?

    Do you need Sacramento contacts to get this done? His ability to pick up the phone and talk to Feinstein and Brown has resulted in this over 25 years?

    Want to continue bragging?

  10. He along with the Pulido independent majority council are already by taking the power away from Pulido.and addressing the issues of the residents not the outside developers as Pulido does.

    1. LOL. Go back and look at who funded Benavides’ first campaign six years ago. And look at the folks he is in bed with now, including the DTI and PBID crowd. Indeed his biggest backers are the racist Usual Suspects.

  11. That is your campaign propaganda. Look at the Sunshine Ordinance vote. If you want to look back you will find the same argument against Pulido. LOL.

    Benavides at a recent council meeting voted 4-0 to have the city attorney organize a town hall meeting with the PBID players to look for a solution/ alternative and to form a ordinance to dissolve the PBID. is this being in bed with the DTI AND PBID?

    1. Wow. That is exhibit A. Pulido voted for the part of the Sunshine Act that actually had anything to do with transparency. The other part of the Sunshine Ordinance is nothing but red tape, that will increase development costs, delay development and ultimately kill jobs. Nice job there Benavides.

      And as has been pointed out many times Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez gave Benavides many chances to vote to kill the PBID right away. Instead he went for the delayed approach. He will never vote to kill the PBID because in truth he has always supported it. Yes, that is indeed being in bed with DTI and the PBID crew.

  12. The fact is that the Santa Ana residents wanted the second half of the Sunshine Ordinance the council majority listened to them and Pulido did not. He sided with his outside developer friends. HE CHOSE HIS DEVELOPER FRIENDS OVER THE WISHES OF THE COMMUNITY .

    Your reading comprehension is terrible. Benavides on a 4-0 vote directed the city attorney to form a ordinance to dissolve the PBID. Benavides met with the majority property owners that appose the PBID where we gave him our concerns after which he made the vote to form an ordinance to dissolve the PBID.

    Pulido orchestrated the unconstitutional formation of the PBID. WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT? He does not vote on PBID issues due to a conflict of interest that he provided by orchestrating the UNCONSTITUTIONAL FORMATION OF THE PBID. Has never publicly apposed the PBID at a council meeting or otherwise.

  13. It don’t matter what he’s done ….TIME FOR A NEW MAYOR….
    HEY ARTY IM A NOBODY RC RACER I DONATED 1000.00 of rc cars to this city I know it ain’t a million dollars but it was something i gave to underprivileged kids in this city and did Miguel thank me ,,,hell know …I tried to communicate with him once and he dogged me and my great
    Rc track I had here… my eyes he can build this build that but he has to retire…and if he wins wow…..still the same ole nalga….

  14. Lomeli,

    The guy in chair number two is waiting for a crown.


    Hey, I just found out we have a mutual close friend. He assures me that I am a bigger A-HOLE than you are. I’ll buy that.

    I am going to let this simmer. He says, I could definately take you in a fistfight, arguement, drinking contest, sports trivia, but hands down when it comes to gutta percha you’ve got me beat.

    Who knows, maybe next time around, there will be a better opponent and we’ll be on the same side.

    Just quit picking such losers. Roman Renya has a 12th grade education with a 2.1 GPA. Please, don’t let your people put him up there.

    That’s an olive branch from me.

    1. The problem with Lomeli is he has a scorched earth policy. He hates us now but in a few months he will be begging for help again as Benavides tries to save the PBID.

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