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It is a rite of passage in just about every Western culture.  You watch your dad put on ties, perhaps on Sunday while getting dressed for Church.  One day, perhaps when you go to you first prom, your dad teaches you how to put on a tie yourself.

Santa Ana City Council candidate Roman Reyna apparently has not yet learned how to put on his own tie.  He sent out a mailer that a friend of mine received today, wherein Reyna appears to be rocking a clip on that is far too short (see the picture above).  

“People in white collar occupations are often mocked for wearing a clip-on tie in lieu of a standard necktie, the implication being that refusal to learn how to tie a “proper” tie reflects a wider lack of sophistication,” according to Wikipedia.

Is this really that big a deal?  In a way, yes it is.  You see Reyna clearly isn’t ready for prime time.  Yet he is walking away from the SAUSD School Board and he is now trying to get elected to replace Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, in Ward 5.  With all due respect, Reyna is barely qualified to wash her car, much less replace her.

Reyna has spent his entire adult life working at the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Department, the Santa Ana Boys and Girls Club and the Santa Ana YMCA.  If he was running for the position of Santa Ana Community Picnic Coordinator he would have my vote!  But he isn’t.  He is running for the Santa Ana City Council.

Reyna’s opponent, Karina Onofre, is the exact opposite of Reyna.  She is educated and polished.  She works in property management, a demanding profession, and has owned her own publishing business.  She will not embarrass our city.  I can’t say that for Reyna.  He has already embarrassed himself and our city with his first campaign mailer!

Is there anything positive I can say about Reyna?  I took a look again at his campaign website and clicked on “About Me.”  Here is what came up when I did that:

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Error: There was no reference code passed to this page, so a submitted form could not be found. You may browse to a submitted form from a form list view page. Go back.
Sigh.  If this guy wins can you only imagine what he and his bosom buddy David Benavides, and their like-minded pal Michele Martinez will do?  As it currently stands they are supporting every single tax increase measure on the November ballot.  God help us.  Sure, the rest of the Council will quickly relegate them to the little kids’ table, but the harm will be done.  And we will be stuck with Reya  for four long years.
Be sure to vote on Nov. 6.  And please vote for Onofre in Ward 5.

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18 thoughts on “A clip on tie Roman? Really?”
  1. Hmmm, who would I rather see washing my car with no clothes and a clip on tie? Reyna, Onofre or Martinez? It’s a toss up. That article was STUPID!

    1. Don’t kill the messenger. If Reyna can’t put his best foot forward on his mailers imagine the faux pas he will get involved in as a Council Member?

      Politics aside, would you hire this guy to run a company? No? Then why would you elect him to run our city?

      1. Hiring someone for a company and making the decisions without having to respond to anyone other than the person above them is different from electing someone to office and having to work with everyone around them. It takes a special kind of person to do that. We are lucky to have Roman Reyna, that special kind of person.

        1. WHAT???

          Are you f***ing kidding me?

          The guy is looking for the opportunity to represent more than 100,000 residents (in his ward).

          How can any reasonably educated person think that this guy is ready to lead a city of 400,000 with severe budget problems, a viable advasary in the public employee unions.

          He has a 12th grade education and is of questionable abilities according to SAUSD staff.
          Poor chice of words Brian.

  2. In case anyone was wondering if this blog has any value whatsoever, please see above article. What an absolute waste of words.

    Editor, this is pathetic…even for this blog!

    1. And yet it is our top post today by far.

      Reyna’s support has the makings of a cult of personality. So of course you guys are taking umbrage as we point out his many inadequacies.

      As for that tie, who is Reyna’s political consultant? How did that awful picture make it onto his campaign mailer?

  3. You have a point there Admin. All of the Santa Ana Council members are famous for their unique cult of personality. So Reyna would fit right in.

    1. Sarmiento is pretty low key. Bustamante is just a perv, allegedly. Benavides is awkward but is trying to be cool. Martinez has a personality but it usually gets her in trouble. Tinajero is the most inspirational of the bunch. And Pulido is an introvert who presents well. I guess Reyna could be the court jester…

    1. If you look carefully you can find many pictures of Carlos Bustamante being happy, often in the company of young women as well – and you’ll find Reyna and Benavides in many of those pictures too.

  4. Santa Ana certainly has council persons with idiosyncrasies. Roman Reyna will now be known for his clip on ties, but the oddest council person yet is Michele Martinez and her buckets! LMAO

  5. So you pick Onofre over Reyna based on your perception that Reyna can not tie a tie. I am sure Onofre is tickled that your theme for her political distinction with Reyna is over a clip on tie.

    Or does it have to do with Onofre buying ad space on this blog?


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