Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Tom Daly, the Orange County Clerk-Recorder who was accused late last week of committing sexual harassment in the workplace, didn’t buy a candidate’s statement for the November General Election. Obvioulsy Daly felt at the time that he had the victory in the bag. Now that appears to be in question.

Daly has been losing support among area Democratic leaders for the past month. The sexual harassment accusations will hurt him even more as many in his party were not happy that he won in the June primary to begin with.

To make matters worse for Daly, his November opponent, Jose “Joe” Moreno, did buy a ballot statement, that you may read here.  It is a humble statement that establishes Moreno as a family man who is running for the State Legislature for the right reasons.

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4 thoughts on “69th A.D. candidate Tom Daly didn’t buy a candidate’s statement”
  1. I was right again!

    As I stated before, you and Martinez were focusing in the open primary on wrong guys! All democrats.

    Proper strategy for Martinez was, as I outlined, to go after the only republican by identifying herself with Ron Paul.

    Anyway, no smart people should be assembly reps.

    Martinez and you are definitely not smart!

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