Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023


Did you feel that?  A 2.4 magnitude earthquake struck in Orange, CA, at 3:42 pm today, according to the U.S.G.S.

This quake was felt in nearby cities, including Santa Ana, Anaheim and Irvine.

Here are links to informative sites about earthquake preparedness and safety courtesy of the American Red Cross:

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country is one of the best and most comprehensive earthquake preparedness guides available.

  • Secure Your Space offers tips and techniques to help ensure that the contents of your home or office remain stable in the event of an earthquake.  Learn how to secure televisions, filing cabinets, water heaters and many more items at Secure Your Stuff.
  • Secure Your Building refers to elements that are not part of the structure (floor/ceiling/walls) but are considered part of the building, e.g., electrical or mechanical systems such as heating, water, etc.  Learn how to Secure Your Building or find a qualified contractor to help.
  • AlertOC is a mass notification system designed to keep Orange County residents and businesses informed of emergencies.  Learn more about AlertOC
  • ReadyOC is a public service campaign aimed at educating and empowering Orange County residents, businesses and the community to better prepare for emergency situations.  The ReadyOC website offers tips, information and a Promise to Prepare.
  • MyHazards, from The California Emergency Management Agency, has an incredibly useful and user-friendly tool to help you gain awareness of the risks to your neighborhood.
  • Contacting your local city of residence or employment is a great way to learn about what dangers are more likely to occur in your area. Find an Orange County city.

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7 thoughts on “2.4 M earthquake strikes in Orange at 3:42 pm”
  1. Actually, The USGS rescinded this report. Apparently, Councilmember Martinez, fell of her bike at the Wellness corridor event!

    Maybe someday, someone can explain to me why we have on of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the Nation and some of the worst street conditions in the state in Santa Ana, yet we spend energy and resources on this!!

    I read today that $50,000 was spent to encourage bus travel by Santa Anan’s, WTF, many of these folks are taking the bus out of necessity note for health or environmental reasons. But, when the City Council and Loretta Sanchez start riding the 57 down Bristol or the 66 south to Irvine on McFadden, I will too. What a joke.

  2. If the Trojan’s keep up like this councilman Benavides is certain to get lucky tonight with his “lady” tonight!

    We know his “wife” didn’t attend USC???

  3. I thought that wasn’t Davids wife with him at Chapter One two weeks ago, and he was way too “cozy” with her for it to be his sister, unless he’s turned Mormon.

    I can’t wait to see his face at the council meeting tonight when Pulido makes a motion to congratulate his “wife”. That’s gonna cause a problem with the cheerleader!

  4. So as long as we are dragging Pulido through the mud (and his family), maybe it’s time ol’ Pablo answers Hank Gattis’ question: DOES HE LIVE WITH HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN? IS HE STILL MARRIED TO EMILY?

    What’s the deal. We now have people saing they have seen him ROMANTICALLY involved with his failed business partner, who is now embroiled in the ELI HOUSE scandal in Anaheim.

    What’s the deal with ol Pablo, does he still live with his wife and kids?

  5. Admin,

    Did you see Michele’s MELTDOWN on channel 3 last night?

    At first, I thought they were closing Winchells from how mad she was. Seriously, this is an elected official. What a kook.,

      1. I saw it. Some dude at the end of public comments accused her of being corrupt and taking kickbacks. She went BATSHIT and said she would sue. “You’ll hear from my attorney” garbage. But Dounut was right she was frothing.

        This is right after LA EME attorney Alfredo Amezcua stood and asked for an investigation of the Pulido deal. Surprise!

        I did not see Davids new GF there as rumored!

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