Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Will Irvine Mayor Beth Krom support naming the O.C. Great Park after Harvey Milk?

While everyone has been focusing on the ruckus between Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez and the Chase family, at last night’s special session of the Santa Ana City Council, there was one other controversial item on the agenda.

The Council named a city-owned plaza that is in the East End Promenade, formerly the Fiesta Marketplace.  They chose to name it the Plaza Santa Ana.

An Irvine blogger ripped this decision and he questioned why the City Council did not name the Plaza after Harvey Milk, the gay San Francisco politician who was murdered by another Supervisor.  Milk has since become an icon of the gay movement.

The problem is Milk had NOTHING to do with Santa Ana.  And the Santa Ana City Council, led by Councilman Sal Tinajero, has already honored Harvey Milk Day.

So instead of messing with a little street corner in Santa Ana, why not name the Orange County Great Park, which is in Irvine, after Milk?  Surely the Irvine blogger can get behind that notion?

The OC Weekly reported in March that there is a plan to name the Great Park after Republican President Ronald Reagan.  The Irvine blogger never responded to that article.  Instead he chose to go after the Democrats on the Santa Ana City Council.

Turnabout is fair play!  It is time for the Irvine blogger to ask his Democratic friends on the Great Park Board, Irvine Council Members Larry Agran and Beth Krom, to name the park after Milk, not Reagan!

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2 thoughts on “Why not name the O.C. Great Park after Harvey Milk?”
  1. I wonder if that Irvine blogger will write about Beth Krom ripping the public off again by sticking taxpayers with a $5753 bill for a private party she threw?

    Oh that’s right he is busy attacking Santa Ana now.

    When he pulls his head out of his ass maybe he’ll post something about it. What am I talking about, he lives life with his head up his ass.

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