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Frank Barbaro, the longtime Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) was compelled to issue a press release ripping Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, for her use of a Hitler analogy with regard to developer and property owner Irv Chase – even though Barbaro noted in his release that he had no sway over her as she is not a member of his party’s Central Committee, and even though Alvarez had already apologized.  But why hasn’t Barbaro commented about the arrest of Kinde Durkee, the onetime Treasurer of the DPOC?
We found evidence that Melahat Rafiei, the former Executive Director of the DPOC, had promoted a meeting that Durkee spoke at, and Durkee oversaw the money at Barbaro’s Victory Fund, a PAC he uses to promote candidates he likes. 


Melahat Rafiei

Durkee has quickly become the Bernie Madoff of the Democratic Party.  She managed campaign finances for dozens of big time Democratic elected officials, including Assemblyman Jose Solorio, who allegedly lost hundreds of thousands to Durkee.  In fact, as we pointed out in an earlier article, the San Francisco Chronicle had previously exposed Durkee for various campaign fundraising scandals during the Obama election campaign.

Kinde Durkee

Many questions remain – Who advised all these Democrats to hire Durkee?  Did Barbaro promote her?  Did Rafiei?  And why is the local fake liberal blog completely ignoring this growing scandal – while they have written at least a dozen posts attacking Alvarez?  Did they promote Durkee too?


Gerrie Schipske


One other interesting side note is the Long Beach City Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske  resigned as the Executive Director of the Orange County Democratic Party just as this scandal was breaking.  Coincidence?  Perhaps…But then again maybe someone should look into see what her ties to Durkee are.


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9 thoughts on “Why is DPOC Chairman Frank Barbaro silent about Kinde Durkee?”
  1. “The Victory Fund” so what happened to the money that Chase gave for Pulido and or other Council support? No Mas? Gone? or was that a different year?

  2. Well, First the reason Barbaro got dragged into the Alvarez thing was because two whiney bitches, called him and begged him to make a statement, akin to:

    “Teacher, Claudia said something bad, aren’t you going to yell at her? You better say something or I’ll tell my parents” Barbaro, like any good teacher decided to cave in to Dan and Chris to shut them up, not wanting to listen to them bitch.

    But, the REAL issue is, why has he been silent?

    Many believe that it was like stealing from drug dealers, Jose Solorio DID NOT EARN that $650K, no matter what anybody says. It was bribe money. The same goes for Correa.

    But, unlike the state offer holders money which comes from Merck, AT&T and mercury insurance, I think the DPOC gets lots of small donations from it’s rank and file, Now ripping them off could start to piss people off, so maybe Barbaro wants this whole thing to go away.

    Besides he is WAY too old and out of touch to be leading the DPOC.

  3. How about the report that some of the stolen cash was used on an $1,800. dinner bill with Kindee and Rafeie ALONE!!!

    These two gluttens can eat, but Eighteen Hundred BUCKS???

    I guess we can now understand why Beth Krom needed to raise so much money! With appetites like these, Dan’s Lap Band doctor should be a millionare!

  4. This guy is a joke. He supports hacks like Tom Daly with money and by not talking about Daly’s wasteful spending ways. This is spending that is hurting the counties workers. They both clain to care about the rank and file but really as long as they line each other’s pockets they can care less who waste what. The day Democrats in O.C. have some ethics and the actions to back their rectoric then we would see the political landscape of O.C. change. But as long as Frank and pastee ass Tom Daly are the face of the Dems in O.C. we all might as well be independent voters and make these monkeys work for our vote. As far as someone stealing money. when you steal from a thief you get a free pass into heaven.

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