Mon. May 20th, 2024

c/o the Tustin Police Department

In the last four days, we have taken seven reports of wallet thefts from customers shopping at the Marketplace and the District. Victims were targeted at TJ Maxx (both Marketplace and District), Costco (District), Union Market (District), Make It Fit (Marketplace) and Panera Bread (District). Based on video evidence, one male suspect distracted the victim while the second suspect removed the wallet. The stolen credit cards were used at Target (District) and the Apple Store in Costa Mesa. These suspects just struck again approximately 30 minutes ago in the District.

The suspects in the attached photo are from the wallet theft in TJ Maxx at the District. They used the victim’s credit card at Target. We believe these suspects are local based on the amount of crimes committed in Tustin. Please help us get this photo out so we can stop these thieves. if you have any information, please call us at 714-573-3200.

Tustin Wallet Thieves

Some tips for shoppers – if possible, keep your purse on your shoulder while shopping. If you put your purse in the child seat, make sure it is zipped and secured with the seat belt. Suspects are looking for easy access. Keep your cart (and purse) in front of you as you peruse the shelves. Pay attention to people loitering around you and your cart – make eye contact and smile so you do not appear distracted. Avoid leaving your purse unattended in shopping carts and dressing rooms. If you are a victim, contact your credit card companies as soon as possible to determine if/where your credit cards were used. Notify TPD to take a crime report.

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