Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Protesters showed up last night at Original Mike’s, in Santa Ana, to “welcome” corrupt, racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as he appeared at a fundraiser for the lame Bill Hunt, who is running for Sheriff.

The video above was shot at the protest by Chris Xitco. Click here to see more of his videos.

Members of the Orange County Dream Team were amongst the protesters.

The SAPD conducted a DUI checkpoint just down the street from the event, last night.  I wonder if they set it up there to catch the protesters?

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13 thoughts on “Video of protesters opposing corrupt, racist AZ Sheriff Joe Arapaio, in Santa Ana”
  1. Ahhh, who are the racists??

    Stolen Land??? White immigrants???


  2. I hope the protestors spend some dollars at local restaurants and bought gas at local stations.

    I would hope that some did shopping on 4th street before going to the Mike place.

  3. Joe, Racist? Enforcing legal immigration laws is what Mexico does, so does that make Mexicans racist? Illegal alians are not a race, so people against illegal aliens in their state are not racist, but are citizens demanding justice!!! This law protects Americans no matter their national origin. If you insist on calling us racist, then expect us to call and treat you like criminals.

  4. The lady holding a sigh and shouting “justice for our people” has no concept of justice, or else she would be trying to reforh Mexico. The real injustice is that she is demand from American taxpayers what she and the other protesters should be demanding from Mexico! She is is a guest in our country, and I wonder how much tax payers hap to pay for this demonstration. What a waste of money and resources against an Anerican “Hero”.

  5. What part of Illegal Don’t you people understand? I am a Christian in Christ and sad to say that I know exactly where all of this is headed. It’s the one truth in this world and the only book with every T crossed and I dotted that delcares the beginning to the end and it’s acurate. (THE HOLY BIBLE) Didn’t think I would be wittnessing it in my life time.
    Matthew chp 24:3-29
    Deuteronomy chp 4:1-14
    Deuteronomy chp 5:1-28
    Deuteronomy chp 7 & 8
    Deuteronomy chp 16: 18-20
    the most important one in this instance.
    Deuteronomy chp 28 & 29

    This land is not STOLEN lands, If The so called American-Hispanic “Community” knew anything about American History They would know that it was givin to us by God but since we are wittnessing a moral meltdown in this country well…… We are in 3 wars right now (Economic, Cultural, and a religious war). I suggest that if they want to be in OUR COUNTRY, they learn the following, ENGLISH, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, & Bill of Rights. Before even getting citizenship in this country they should prove to be able to sustain themselves economically before entering one step on these lands therefor they are not a drain on our Welfare system.
    Why Don’t they go home to Mexico? I’ll tell ya, Because there homeland IS Corrupt. they don’t have rights there that we do and would rather be posers, And this land is the only land that they and every other Country knows they can take advantage of the system and call is racial or bigiots, or unlawful civil rights.
    Mexico have a dictatorship, and let me tell you everyone who reads this, and I mean it. A GOVERNMENT BIG ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT; IS A GOVERNMENT BIG ENOUGH TO TAKE IT ALL AWAY. Thats pretty much why Mexico is that way it is. Do you really think that we would be able to get away with going into there land and demanding wellfare and rights over there? No Infact if you read the Mexican Country law it states that any Foreigners DO have to prove that they can sustain themselves economically wise in order to become a citizen. Why don’t they go back to there Country to fight for what we have over here? Cowards? Lazy? Becareful for what you wish for.
    America will fall, Unless we have a national repentness of heart and turn to the true God of the Bible. May God have mercy on our Country.

  6. so who unleashed the looney toons commenters on this blog post, LOL??

    All of you xenophobic morons flew ove the cuckoo’s nest, hahaha!

  7. @Tony Constantine:

    Matthew 25: 31-46
    “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me…He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'”

    Reread the parable of the Good Samaritan:
    “The tendency, not only of that time, but even today, of doing the bare minimum to meet our obligations toward God and our neighbor. Jesus tells us here that more is expected. Much more.”

    There was an intense aversion Samaritans and the Jewish people had for each other. Samaritans would never have reached out to help a Jewish person, while Jews, for their part, looked down on Samaritans, dismissing them as unworthy even of acknowledgement. By making these the key figures in the parable, Jesus was upending conventional wisdom. He was, in essence, tearing down walls that divided people based on religion, law, class, geography and nationality. He was emphasizing that love and mercy trump legalism and other considerations.

    Jesus also was making the point that every person is a neighbor worthy of care and concern, not because they’ve earned it, or because they’re legally entitled to it, but because they have inherent dignity by virtue of their creation in God’s own image. The artful question posed by the lawyer, then, is the wrong one. Jesus says do not ask, “Who is my neighbor?” Rather, he says, we must ask, “How can I be a better neighbor to every person?”

    Immigrants/Foreigners in your midst:

    “Exodus 22:21, “You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.” Reminding the people of biblical Israel that they had been slaves in Egypt, the Hebrews are enjoined to treat aliens, foreigners and sojourners in their midst fairly and with respect.

    Leviticus 19:34 echoes and expands upon the Exodus teaching. “The alien who resides among you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God.”

    From the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews we hear, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers…”

  8. @ Toni Constantine.
    You State, “This land is not STOLEN lands, If The so called American-Hispanic “Community” knew anything about American History They would know that it was givin to us by God”.

    My Response:

    You are laughable!!!!

    You need to learn your history…the true history.

    And for witnesses as this land was given, you had the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

    How sad…that you try to corrupt history and religion for your narrow, bigoted and hateful views.

    “Jim Jones and Party your table is ready…Tea will be served while you wait!”

  9. So what if it is stolen?

    If it had not been stolen, where would all these million’s of hispanics from south of the border go?

    This country and Its people, made up of immigrants all over this world is the only HOPE for people who happen to be born in the hole called Mexico, that did not have the fortune to be part of the land that was stolen!

    So what, it’s stolen land and it’s a good thing that it was!

    Too bad Mexico has been run into the ground by the Spanish Elite!

    Mr F. like all Mexicans you are showing that hispanic chip “THIS IS OUR LAND’.


  10. By the way, God also said, “help those who help themselves”.

    God believes in equal justice, not social justice!

    Borders are good, because not all culture’s in the world are strangers you would welcome in to your home!

  11. So many folks having to be “right”. I am fed up with it. In my eyes there is validity in both camps. I know many fine Mexican immigrants, who I would be proud to have as my neighbors. I know many white people who just simply have no class. The color or race is irrelevant in my eyes, the issue is the judgement that is being passed around. I think I would rather leave the others alone, in hope that they leave me be. If they cause me a problem, I will take actions to defend myself. Otherwise, I will give them all the benefit of the doubt. I don’t expect anyone to share my views anymore. I wish to change no one, as I myself am but a work in progress. This nation, if anything could learn alot from Jesus about humility and peace, and set aside the old testament throwing of judgement. Then again, throw the bible at people if it really makes you feel better! God is indifferent. He loves you unconditionally.

  12. MQ you state:
    “So what if it is stolen?” in reference to the stolen states from Mexico.

    My Response:
    It matters because of the notion that we are a “Nation of Laws”…and because it demonstrates we have not always followed the “rule of law”.

    You state:
    “If it had not been stolen, where would all these million’s of hispanics from south of the border go?”

    My Response:
    They would continue to be here…but not in an undocumented status.

    You State”
    “So what, it’s stolen land and it’s a good thing that it was!”

    My Response:

    So you are arguing for Stealing and breaking the law when it suits your bigoted views…incredible.
    t was not just the Land that was stolen, but all the mineral wealth in it. Gold had already been discovered in California in 1842 by Francisco Lopez.

    The Gold Rush of 1849 after California and other states were “annexed” by the US, set-off one of the greatest migrations in the history of the world…

    Additionally, because of the shennanigans against the “Mexicans” who now found themselves with a new culture, a new language, a new political system, and a new “legal” system imposed on them overnight, MOST ALL of the PRIVATE lands that had been previously under Spanish/Mexican ownership were “transferred” from Spanish/Mexican ownership to Anglo ownership.

    You State:
    “Mr F. like all Mexicans you are showing that hispanic chip “THIS IS OUR LAND’”

    My Response:

    I did NOT say this is our land…I said that the history shows that it was stolen in an illegal war. TWO different things.

    That is PAST history and we are Americans now.

    And NO it was NOT SOLD by the Spanish…Mexico had gained its independence from Spain (Mexico fought war of independence from1810-1821); and the US founded it very convenient to attack a weaker nation to pursue the notion of “Manifest Destiny” (“it was God’s Will that we expand from Coast to Coast”…very convenient to forget which independent and sovereign nations were there.)

    The US took the southwest from Mexico in an illegal war, in 1846-1848, (the Wrong War, Against the Wrong Nation, and in the Wrong Time)…Again that is past history…and we are now Americans…

    So, the Spanish/Mexican culture and Spanish language were around for 300 years BEFORE any contact with the Anglo Culture or with the English language; and now the Mexican-American Culture persists and will continue to persist.

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan

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