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SAPD Advisory: Vehicle vs pedestrian fatal

A six-year-old boy was killed and his grandmother seriously injured when they were struck by a pickup truck as the woman walked the child and his seven-year-old sister to school Monday in Santa Ana, according to authorities, as reported by the Fountain Valley Patch.  The accident location is very near to Washington Elementary School.

The boy was later identified as Alan Martinez, according to KTLA.  His surviving sister is named Mia.

The 48-year-old grandmother sustained multiple broken bones, according to Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna and Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Alan, Mia and David Martinez

All three people were walking in the cross walk when the boy and grandmother were struck by a Ford F250 truck. The truck was driven by a 17-year-old. He and his younger brother, who were uninjured in the crash, stopped. They are cooperating with police, according to ABC.

The teenager was driving his 13-year-old brother to Douglas MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate school before going to Segerstrom High School, where the driver is a student, Bertagna said, according to the Fountain Valley Patch.

Police report that he was not speeding and that he was not cited.  The 17-year-old, who was reportedly devastated by the accident, has been turned over to his parents, according to CBS.

Oralia Silva, the mother of the boy who was killed
Oralia Silva, the mother of the boy who was killed

A Register photographer said a backpack was in the roadway. The accident occurred in a residential area, and a school is nearby, according to the O.C. Register.

KNX radio news reported that the grandmother and the 7-year old are at a local hospital.  There names have not yet been released.

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7 thoughts on “Updated: Pedestrians struck by pick-up driven by 17-year old, 6-year old killed”
  1. I have lived here all my life since 1992 and 7 houses on ramona are owned by my family members, now for the last 2 years we have no more constant police patrol on that 4 way stop, many kids from the high schools and parents make the intersection and streets super dangerous.!!!!

  2. How awful… I wonder if the driver was just not paying attention. It is a 4 way stop and those streets are always busy in the morning. My condolences to the Martinez family for the loss of Alan.

    1. I think what might have happened is that the driver’s windows were fogged up – and he didn’t wait long enough for them to defrost. When he turned I believe he turned right into the glare of the morning sun – which may have prevented him from seeing the family in the crosswalk.

      The accident happened, I believe, at 7:45 – which means the young man was running a bit late. He still had to get his brother to school then he had to drive to Segerstrom High – a fundamental school that frowns on tardy students.

      This is all conjecture but I drive east on Santa Clara every morning when I take my son to school. I defrost my windows first due to the glare issue – and I drive right past Hoover School, which has a lot of bus traffic and some pedestrians every morning.

  3. The reality is that fatal vehicle vs pedestrian accidents happen a lot in Santa Ana. Just the Friday before a 64 yr old lady was killed on standard ave. I mean no disrespect and I prey for the victims,however I believe the root of these accidents stem from foreign logic and not American safety standards. Santa Ana is 96% Hispanic with over 60% that are pure Spanish speakers. In Mexico vehicles have the right of way not pedestrians. You don’t see these accidents in neighboring city’s period.

  4. It is always the responsibility of the vehicle driver including bicyclists to operate her/his vehicle safely and to watch for pedestrians, cyclists, kids on skateboards, or whatever hazards exist. Sure, cyclists and pedestrians should wear aware and wear bright, reflective clothing and stop zoning out while texting or listening to iTunes, but it is still the vehicle driver who has the bigger, faster, more lethal vehicle and thus also the greater legal and moral responsibility to “drive defensively” and don’t be in a hurry.

  5. For all those who would like to help in the funeral for Little Angel… Alan Martinez is having a funeral fund at Wells Fargo: The Alan Yahir Martinez funeral fund @ Wells Fargo Bank

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