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Sal Tinajero at the Angels Game

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It was a rough night for Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero.  He blew off the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce’s candidates forum – but then he got caught playing hooky when he showed up on tonight’s telecast of the Angel’s playoff game in Anaheim.  In fact Tinajero showed up at least twice!

Now I know that Tinajero is a huge Angels fan, and it has been awhile since the boys in red made the playoffs but tonight’s no show at the Chamber’s candidates forum comes at a bad time for Tinajero.  He is not running much of a reelection campaign – he has no campaign website and I have seen no evidence of any precinct walking or any other campaign activities.  It just seems like he is going through the motions this year – even though he has a challenger in the form of businessman Mike Gonzalez, who is campaigning very hard for Ward 6.

Mike Gonzalez and his fans

The worst part of this tale, for Tinajero, is that the Angels choked!  They lost tonight to the underdog, scrappy Kansas City Royals.  Draw your own conclusions from that outcome…

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

20 thoughts on “Tinajero caught at the Angels game while blowing off the Chamber of Commerce’s Candidates Forum”
  1. Is Mike some kind of prosecuting Attorney? Where? In Mexico? Syria? The Islamic State? Why Is he suggesting that he is on his ads? The F.B.I. would like to know. And Pulido should stop pretending that he does not know who is a viable candidate and who is under investigation. He does Know.

  2. Sal appeared to be really into the game and enjoying himself last night. It also seemed like he was sitting at a pretty decent location. He definitely did not have his mind on any campaign.

  3. Unfortunately it seems like the predictable national political circus between Republicans and Democrats have reached Santa Ana in a strong way!

  4. Wow, Sal missed a debate where 15 people showed up and half were candidates. Half the candidates dont even have jobs so this is the highlight of their day

  5. Well this explains the NACHOS shortage on the Terrace Level.

    I had sixteen Angel Dogs…..because I go to games and support the Angels.

    1. Cook,

      Did Mike Gonzales explain his residency issue? Did anyone ask him why he isn’t running for Fountain Valley City Council since that is where he lives?

      1. everyone was asked the same question, there was no back and forth questioning.

        “give two to three ideas on how you would bring business and economic growth to Santa Ana.”

  6. I am glad Mike was able to make it. I hear that traffic from Fountain Valley can be pretty hectic at times.

    Sal missed the event, but at least he lives in Santa Ana.

      1. Sal and I will be there again tonight. Hopefully they can even the series up.

        We’ll have tickets all the way thru the World Series so I really hope we get to use them.

        1. Sean, there looks to be some small black birds, with orange chests and white necks that may rain on your parade, if you can get through the royalty.

          1. The Orioles do look really good my friend and the Royals do have the upper hand at the moment. I’m gonna keep hope alive until it’s over.

            I am excited about the Giants winning game 1 though.

  7. So what high school did “Mike Gonzalez” graduated from? So he lead his football team to a “State Championship”? Huh! Was that in Mexico? or in Fountain Valley, because no record of him in FV. Mike Gonzales, just staying in the back shadows and don’t even come out.

  8. Oh Hey Look I would run for a Seat on this Santa Ana Chamber of Coomerce, so everyone can see what Civil rights abuses cause to the entire region from San Diego to Orange Cnty..Everybody wants to skate by the rules, but the vulnerable people are targeted and abused every single day. And are not allowed to have one single benifit..How much good is this doing to the communities..Look at all these politicians taking advantage of hurtful character assasinations on the innocent. As a way to enforce oppression.Look at what an industry of enforcing devistation we have. Litigate for your Civil Rights in Federal court till you get real old. It’s the only choice you have period !!!! Cause this is Ku Klux Kounty Maaaaannnn

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