Thu. May 30th, 2024

While politicians focus on closing down gun shows the SAPD keeps busting gangbangers with “ghost guns,” which are made on home using gun kits made with CNC machines and 3-D printers and cannot be tracked.

During a probation check and search of two documented gang members, SAPD police officers located a 9mm semi-automatic “Ghost Gun”, 9mm ammunition, and gang indicia. The caliber and ammunition located matched the casings from the previous shots fired call.

While patrolling, SAPD police officers conducted a stop of a vehicle for traffic violations. During their investigation, officers learned that one of the passengers was on probation. After a search of the vehicle, officers located a .22 caliber revolver.

SAPD Gang Detectives developed information related to a probationer in possession of a firearm. With the assistance of the AB109 task force, surveillance was conducted and the probationer was contacted by the detectives.

A loaded semi-automatic handgun, concealed within the front waistband of the probationer, was located. A records check revealed the firearm to be stolen. In addition to the firearm, detectives located methamphetamine in the probationer’s possession.

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One thought on “The SAPD’s weekly crime round-up”
  1. Thank GOD that the gun shows are closed down! GOD FORBID that law abiding citizens DARE defend themselves against criminals who don’t give a SHIT about the law!

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