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U.S. Representative Linda Sanchez doesn’t have much to worry about in November, over in the 38th Congressional District.  She easily outpaced her two Republican opponents, Jorge Robles and Ben Campos, in this week’s Open Primary Election.  Campos is currently leading Robles by 532 votes, according to the California Secretary of State, for the right to face off against Sanchez in the fall.

Can Campos beat Sanchez?  Well, she has over 28,000 votes right now – and Campos and Robles together have under 23,000 votes.  Those are long odds for Campos.

Meanwhile, in Orange County, the other Congressional Sanchez, Loretta, has over 24,000 votes, in the 46th Congressional District, and she did not campaign at all – no signs, no mailers, and no robo calls. Her Republican opponents collectively have about 22,600 votes, according to the California Secretary of State.  Jerry Hayden leads the Republicans with 14,079 votes.  He ran a vigorous primary campaign, but it is hard to imagine a path to victory for him in November. Can Hayden beat Sanchez?  Can he unify the Republicans and somehow convince independent voters and a few Democrats to vote for him?  I can’t see that happening.  Sanchez may not have run a primary campaign but you can bet she will be active in November.

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  1. How many latina women holding elected office above city coucil are not married to white men?

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