Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Jose Solorio and Jerry Brown

From the OC Politics Blog

Lou Correa has had a great run in the 34th State Senate District but he is terming out in 2014 and already both Democratic and Republican candidates are lining up for a shot at his seat.

The leading Republican candidate for the 34th is O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  She has not distinguished herself in any way but the DPOC gave her a free pass last year and so she is loaded – her fundraising advantage will make it hard for any other Republicans to challenge her in the Open Primary.

That said, it would appear that perennial candidate Long Pham is going to challenge Nguyen, according to the OC Political Blog.  He lost a seat on the O.C. Board of Education when he ran an ill-advised campaign for the 72nd Assembly District.

If Pham and Nguyen face off perhaps there might be an opportunity for old school Assemblyman Jim Silva to run for the 34th.  He is rather lame but so is Nguyen.  Pham can be entertaining at times but few take him seriously.

What about the Democrats?  Their leading candidate is former Assemblyman Jose Solorio, who lucked into an open seat on the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education last year.  Solorio has money and can raise a lot more.  He is popular in Sacramento and continues to be a real player in the O.C. as well.

Failed Assembly candidate Julio Perez is telling friends, allegedly, that he might run against Solorio just to make him lose.

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2 thoughts on “The race for the 34th State Senate District is already heating up”
  1. This is classical California politics. A Mexican who has accomplished absolutely nothing in the Assembly, only to spend more and raised taxes, is now running for the Senate to accomplish also nothing accept to spend more and raised taxes.

  2. I would expect more latino Democrat candidates to make the list as I’m sure there are some potential candidates for the BOS 1st district who would love to see the incumbent Janet Nguyen move to the senate.

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