Sun. May 19th, 2024

On February 1, 2024, the Huntington Beach Police Department responded to a report of a robbery targeting an ATM maintenance worker. The perpetrators took a large amount of cash from the ATM and fled the area.

Despite the suspects’ escape, HBPD detectives wasted no time launching a thorough investigation.

Their hard work paid off when they identified the two culprits involved in the robbery. One was already behind bars in another state for unrelated charges, while the second suspect was having a great time at a casino in Riverside County.

It seems the suspect at the casino was trying to press his luck, but the moment the HBPD police officers showed up, his winning streak ended. He was arrested this weekend!

The HBPD did not reveal the arrested suspect’s name but you can peruse their arrest log here.

The HBPD says that they will find you if you commit a crime in Huntington Beach. It might not happen immediately, but they will track you down and bring you to their jail. They ask that you please think twice before becoming their next guest…

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