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The City of Santa Ana offers its deepest condolences to the family of Brandon Lopez, including his cousin, Santa Ana Councilmember Johnathan Ryan Hernandez. Mr. Lopez died on September 28 following an officer-involved shooting involving the Anaheim Police Department in Santa Ana.

Mr. Lopez leaves behind five children, his mother and his father. The City grieves with Councilmember Hernandez and the Lopez family.

The City of Santa Ana encourages anyone who is in need of mental health support to seek help. The Orange County Health Care Agency offers a suicide prevention hotline at (800) 273-8255 , a survivor support line at (714) 547-0885 , and a support line for anyone who needs mental health or substance abuse support at 877-910-WARM (9276).

Santa Ana Police Department officers weren’t involved in the shooting and provided perimeter support during the incident. Read Santa Ana Police Department’s statement:

The Anaheim Police Department’s statement is attached and available at

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5 thoughts on “The City of Santa Ana responds to the fatal shooting of Councilman Hernandez’ cousin”
  1. “Mr. Lopez died on September 28 following an officer-involved shooting involving the Anaheim Police Department in Santa Ana.”

    Good grief. It’s like there’s almost a cause and effect relationship between these events..

    How about: “Anaheim cops shot and killed Mr. Lopez on a street in Santa Ana.”

    1. How about: “Armed Meth Head killed after terrorizing families.”

      I guess you can always call a “mental health crisis team” next time somebody “borrows a car without permission and is carrying a loaded 9mm.

      1. Wrong wrong bad call on whoever was in charge that day! We could have saved a lot of money on all those hours that those officers put in! We could have just called our local gang members to do the job and maybe the kid would have not died! Rest in peace to Brandon Lopez and my condolences to his family. And to those officers may their God forgive them!!

      2. @Benji Case He was not armed, not sure if he was a meth head , but even the possibility, im sure, gives you comfort ….after realizing these officers killed an unarmed man in front of numerous witnesses like it was just another day on the job.

      3. @Benji Case, get your facts straight before you comment! Brandon was not a meth head nor did he “borrow the car” or have ANY WEAPON IN THE CAR OR ON HIM PERIOD! I hope you never have to feel the pain his family has to deal with everyday and drive by the place he was killed.

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