Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

KABC T.V. news reported on Wednesday that a teenage girl was attacked in a parking lot at John Adams Park, which is next door to John Adams Elementary School, by a man who stabbed her in the chest and grabbed her, trying to force her to kiss him.

We have been warning for some time that our parks are full of perverts.  Our blog reported that men were lurking at Santiago Park, and sure enough the SAPD arrested nine of them a few weeks ago, by using a decoy in a sting operation.

We also reported here the fact that there are over 200 registered sex offenders living in Santa Ana.

Now a teenage girl has been victimized and she might well have ended up murdered.  And here is the weird part.  The Santa Ana Police Department is NOT including this story on their online alert system, called Citizen Observer.

Why the cover-up?


The SAPD reported this week, via Citizen Observer, a story about a con artist.  But here you have a male suspect who attacked a teenage girl, and the SAPD did not send out an alert!

According to KABC, “The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, between 20 and 25 years old, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with a thin to medium build. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants.”

If you have information related to this case, you’re asked to call Santa Ana Police at (714) 245-8400.

Click here to contact SAPD Chief Paul Walters.  I suggest we ask why the Citizen Observer email alert system was not triggered by this attack.  At the very least the SAPD ought to be circulating a police sketch of the suspect.  And I hope they are checking on the whereabouts of the local registered sex offenders.

Furthermore, the Santa Ana Unified School District has no mention of this attack on their website, despite the fact that it happened next to John Adams Elementary School.  Click here to contact the SAUSD public information officer.  Please ask her why the SAUSD is doing nothing to alert the parents in the area about this attack.

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13 thoughts on “Teenage girl stabbed and groped at Santa Ana’s John Adams Park”
    1. Joe,

      Just a typo, relax. I meant to say that she might have been murdered.

      Why don’t you ask the SAPD why they felt it important to advertise a con man but not a guy who attacked a teenage girl at a park next to a school?

  1. I’m surprised that people are surprised. Really, Santa Ana PD doesn’t do much. EX: all the prostitution by harbor and camile. I see at least 3 girls there EVERY day. Both areas are predominantly hispanic and lets not lie to ourselves we’re still second rate citizens.

  2. wow i live by that park too and i often walk by there and knowing this is really scary gives me the chills i have a little girl and i want to live for her so i wouldnt want something like that happening to me or anybody else

  3. Both areas are predominantly hispanic and lets not lie to ourselves we’re still second rate citizens.

    I swear to God, have you no Idea where you are living? A large majority of the residents are not even third rate citizens, they are not CITIZENS at all!

    The police know who the gang members are, they will not arrest them because it would be RACIST and a violation of a minorities civil rights!

    The police know that your parks are full of third world perverts, they will not arrest them because it would be RACIST and a violation of civil rights!

    The crime is high in Santa Ana because the police have become indifferent to the people. Where do you start when it comes to crime. You’re flipping schools have their own police department.

    Santa Ana is treated with kit gloves, which has caused the scum of the earth to migrate there!

    Good luck, keep electing the hispanic left!

    Remember crying wolf regarding you’re civil rights and race has won you a third world hell hole. You have no one to blame but you’re selves!

    1. Michelle,

      If you read the article you will see that she was just passing through and stopped to use the restroom.

  4. Like I said, people have no idea in what type of place they are living. I would NEVER stop at any place in SANTA ANA to take a pee!

    I did read the article. Her parents should have advised her better!

  5. Michelle Quinn she got out of her car not to pee but to throw up if you read the article you should have known that.

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