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St. Peter Lutheran Church in Santa Ana

St. Peter Lutheran Church, in Santa Ana, is conducting Gang Intervention classes, from Feb. 2 through March 20, on Tuesday evenings, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Below is their Class Syllabus:

Gang Intervention Class Syllabus

 Location:  St. Peter Lutheran Church 1502 N. Parton Santa Ana, CA 92706  (N/W Corner of Parton & 15th Street )

 Part I  Classroom Training              Tuesday evenings:  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

  1. Orientation Class             (1- Hour)                     Kevin Brown              February 2nd  
  2. Gangs 101                        (1-Hour)                      Detective Estrada       February 2nd
  3. Gangs 101                         (2- Hours)                    Detective Estrada       February 9th   
  4. Substance Abuse              (1.5-Hours)                  Roger Bendinelli         February 16th    
  5. RYTMO                           (0.5 Hours)                  Joey Arreguin              February 16th    
  6. Probation (YFRC)             (1-Hour)                      OCPD                         February 23rd          
  7. Family Resources              (1-Hour)                      CSP                             February 23rd     
  8. Mediation                          (1-Hour)                      Stephanie Winlock      March 2nd
  9. Role Play                          (1-Hour)                      Kevin Brown              March 2nd        

Classroom Hours:  10 

Part II   Street Intervention

  1. Field work with trained Intervention Worker            Saturday Nights          6:00 PM to 10:00 PM  

(March 6th   –  March 13th    –  March 20th )

Street Intervention Hours:  12

Total Program Hours:  32 

Class size is limited. Total cost for the course is $40 and includes required LWSGI Jacket.

If this is your heart’s cry, now is the time to respond . 

Please contact Pastor Kevin Brown for more information.



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