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Lou Correa at Lee's Sandwiches

State Senator Lou Correa celebrates the opening of the new Lee’s Sandwiches in Santa Ana

It is a big deal when a new business opens up in Santa Ana, particularly during the awful economic crisis our nation is currently undergoing.  Perhaps that is why so many local politicians showed up at the new Lee’s Sandwiches in Santa Ana yesterday to celebrate the opening of this new franchise.

State Senator Lou Correa enjoyed an iced coffee while touring the new restaurant.  Other local elected officials who attended included State Assemblyman Jose Solorio, Santa Ana Councilman Vince Sarmiento, and a representative from Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s office.  Orange County Clerk-Recorder candidate Hugh Nguyen was also there.

The new Lee’s is located at 3350 South Bristol St. in Santa Ana.  Click here for a map of this new location. It is located in the Target shopping center, with frontage on Bristol St. 

Lee's grand opening in Santa Ana

I tried the #4 – a chicken sandwich with cilantro and marinated carrots and onions.  It was delicious! I also tried the waffles with coconut, which were pecan green and actually quite good.

According to one of the owners, the restaurant was busy all day on Saturday, despite the rain.

Here are more pictures from the grand opening:

Vietnamese good luck bouquet

Traditional Vietnamese good luck bouquet

Band plays at Lee's Sandwiches in Santa Ana

The band played despite the rain…

Lee's sandwiches in Santa Ana

A big crowd showed up for the grand opening

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3 thoughts on “Senator Correa helps launch new Lee’s Sandwiches in Santa Ana”
  1. i guess what this senators are doing for a long time besides getting the freebies from new business, they are using our tax payers money to travel and alike to promote new business at the expend of tax payers, they don’t make any innovation or new bid for the foreclosure thousands people that are loosing their house because of the predatory policies of the bankers in high reels, this people are just parasites of our society they don’t produce anything but consume all the goods at our expense..

  2. A Senator promoting for a Franchise? Free public advertisement for the private sector? Is this a conflict of interest? How much is he being paid?

    1. anon,

      Correa is happy to show up to any grand opening in his district. Just call his office. He is not paid. He is just looking out for his constituents.

      I was there that day and I saw him buy a meal with his own money. He refused any freebies. He is an honorable man!

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