Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Acting Chief Carlos Rojas

Santa Ana School Police Personnel have traveled to Connecticut as part of a State of Connecticut approved police delegation, along with police personnel from the LAUSD PD and LAPD for a two-fold mission: Support local law enforcement and the immediate community of Sandy Hook Elementary, according to the Santa Ana School Police Facebook page.

The Santa Ana School Police hope to obtain timely information for lessons learned from this tragedy, to provide their specialty school policing community amid the larger context of west coast law enforcement vital intelligence.

The Santa Ana School Police participated in a tribute to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School today at 3 pm at the Old Orange County Courthouse.  Click here to watch the Fox News video of the event.

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3 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s School Police flew to CT to support the police and community”
  1. Your tax dollars at work! I’m all for showing we care but I’m never impressed when Government workers, who get paid the same if they are sitting in their cubicle or in a folding chair out side the County Court House “take time out” honer this cause or that.

    They gotta be somewhere!

  2. What? Our tax dollars are going to this. CT has enough support! What a waste of tax payers money! School Police, why don’t you use that money and give it as college scholarships. That’s how you can help.

  3. What Anon? you want to deny the chosen few a “White Christmas” at the “Holiday Inn”?

    Even tho neither movie was made in Conn. or Ver.,

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