Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Chicanxs Unidxs issued a blistering statement today regarding Santa Ana Ana City Council Ward 5 Candidate Johnathon Ryan Hernandez, who is also seeking endorsement from the Democratic Party of Orange County.

In the statement Chicanxs Unidxs announced they were publicly condemning and holding Hernandez responsible for his careless and troublesome behavior. Here are some excerpts from the release (which was released in a JPG format making it impossible to cut and paste into this post):

  • He has a record of attacking/silencing women and members of the LGBTQ community, co-opting organizing language, persistent harmful behavior and actions and an organizing pattern that only benefits him.
  • Jonathan’s behaviors and actions of violence against women, LGBTQ community and fellow organizers pose an immense threat to the Santa Ana community.
  • It is important to address behavior that stems from toxic masculinity.

The press release, notably, did not cite any specific actions by Hernandez. It is protected, presumably, as political free speech but the lack of any actual substance could provide Hernandez with fodder for defending himself in civil court if he opts to go that route.

However the release also stipulated that Chicanos Unidos wishes to give Hernandez the opportunity to sit down with them, discuss his violent behavior and seek a resolution that will help resolve this with the least harm possible. Hard to imagine how though they can undo the harm already imposed by their press release!

About Chicanxs Unidxs:

Chicanxs Unidxs is a diverse group from Orange County that promotes cultural and political empowerment for the Chicanx/Mexicanx/Indigenous communities of Orange County. We are NOT a non-profit. None of our members are paid organizers, as we are a fully volunteer-based organization. Our organization has roots in the Chicano Movement, Chicano Moratorium, MEChA, and other social justice movements. This organization is open to those in our community that support Chicanx, Mexicanx, Indigenous working class communities in Orange County.

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7 thoughts on “Santa Ana Ward 5 City Council candidate slammed by Chicanxs Unidxs”
  1. This Group is an undercover hate group. They have an open disliking for the Negro. Yet it is disguised in a smear campaign. I have had many open conversations with the 5th ward candidate who openly unapologetically represents #Black and #Brown excellence. This Group would rather keep Santa Ana culturally and racially bias. I’m glad their intentions are being publicised. I know some participants in this group who are racially bias against Blacks and LGBTq+ In Santa Ana. They dont want Santa Ana to be racially diverse but Chicano .which is a lie in its own Right. The majority of Mexicans In Santa Ana are racist.

    1. I thought their press release was incredibly vague. The lack of specific actions asserted to have been done by the candidate does make one wonder if the entire release is just a trumped up attack.

    2. This organization is the most legitimate group of activists I have ever encountered. All of their members are unpaid and do their work through the people and for the people of their communities. They do not censor themselves and sugar coat things like the vast majority of non profits out there. If they made it public, then it must be true.

    3. This group is for the people of Santa Ana and by the people of Santa Ana. They work on issues that the community is affected by, with the intentions of empowering the community while doing so. The issues they help to fight against are anywhere from POLICE BRUTALITY, homelessness, and corruption. Most importantly, the group helps fight against Racial Injustice, ALL races. The fact that the group is all inclusive with any race and or sexual orientation is a positive. Anyone that may have something negative to say about them clearly has a horrible agenda of trying to keep Santaneros oppressed. Further, the statement being put out brings awareness to major issues that should be acknowledged especially when it comes to possible elected officials.

  2. What exactly is chicanxs? Watered down version of what. Choose a different name for your group. Chicano is already being used.

  3. I am a Latino who resides in the city of Santa Ana. I implore the Santa Ana Council to not give into these extreme organizations that disguise themselves as groups who have the Communties interest. These Left wing extreme organizations do NOT have our intrrest. The just want to cause Kaos. Please support our Law Enforcement and never waver to these anarchist groups. Arriba to the City of Santana and never make these organizations feel at home here in this beloved City of Santa Ana

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